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A day after fire SAL Hospital Thaltej may face action

Written by PREETI DAS | Ahmedabad | Published:May 20, 2017 4:50 am

No casualty was reported in any of the incidences.

The Ahmedabad Fire and Emergency Services (AFES) is mulling action against the SAL Hospital in Thaltej area after conducting a preliminary probe into the fire there on Thursday. This was the third incident of fire at the hospital since 2007.

“No other hospital in the city has seen recurring incidents of fire like this. We are setting up a team to probe into the matter. Based on the findings we will take necessary action or serve a warning to the hospital, if needed . We will start our investigations in the next two days,” said Mithun Mistry, divisional fire officer, AFES.

According to the records of the AFES, there was a fire in May 2007 in the basement of the hospital where its canteen was located; in March 2013 the sixth floor of the hospital caught fire due to a short circuit; and the third incident fire took place on Thursday evening due to a short circuit on the third floor of the hospital.

No casualty was reported in any of the incidences.

“SAL Hospital has its own fire protection system. We gave them the no objection certificate (NOC), but after that they have made changes within the building like setting up many glass cubicles and not having enough staircases that serve as safe zones in case there is fire or a lot of smoke,” said Mistry.

“Hospitals, malls and cinemas must have ventilation spaces generally near the stairs. It allows people to gather there and not let the smoke from the fire get to them. Most of the private hospitals in the city do not have such a facility. The hospitals spend on fire equipment, but do not have a dedicated fire person. They ask their peon, lift man or watchman to double up as fire fighters in case of an emergency,” added Mistry.

It took over 20 fire tenders to extinguish the fire that broke out at the hospital on Thursday.

“It was a short circuit, but we are trying to get more details of what caused the fire. As per our reports, there have been only two cases of fire. There was an incident of short circuit a few years ago. It had generated a lot of smoke, but no fire ,” said Dilip Jain, CEO, SAL Hospital.

“We have sliding windows and do not have a central air condition system in the hospital to avoid fire from spreading. We have done our best to ensure that we follow all the safety rules in the Hospital ,” said Jain.

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