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Friendly fire killed soldiers of U.S. : Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, during a raid in Islamic State compound, two army rangers were killed in the open friendly fire in opening minutes of the fierce; three-hour fire fight.  Investigation is in process to see if there accidently killed from ground fir from commandos of Afghans or Americans said by Navy Capt. Jeff Davis.

Davis informed that Abdul Haseeb Logari is head of Islamic State in Afghanistan, which was target for the raid on Wednesday. U.S is fighting against terrorist group ISIS in Afghanistan.  Army Sgts. Joshua P. Rodgers, 22, of Bloomington, Illinois, and Cameron H. Thomas, 23, of Kettering, Ohio were killed in fire-fight. Their families have got the information of their death.

Near 35 extra enemy fighters were executed. The mission was dangerous and forces were confident enough to be protected but the situation got out of control. Around 50 Army Rangers and 40 Afghan commandos dropped off by helicopter for raid in Nangarhar Province on Wednesday night

The combined militaries came under forceful fire from many directions. During the initial stage of the raid, the two rangers were injured.  The military headquarters in Kabul stated that the U.S. and Afghan forces completed the mission with no harm to civilians.


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