Jason Kelce Defends Taylor Swift’s Presence at NFL Games

An Unbelievable Role Model for Young Women

As a huge fan of the NFL, I was thrilled to come across a recent interview with Jason Kelce, the Philadelphia Eagles Center. In the interview, he passionately defended his younger brother Travis Kelce’s girlfriend, Taylor Swift, amid criticism over her appearances at NFL games this season.

Speaking with ABC affiliate WCPO on February 2nd, Jason Kelce expressed his support for Taylor attending the games, stating that it would be a huge mistake for the NFL to not capitalize on having the Grammy winner in the stands. He emphasized that the attention is there because the audience wants to see it. After all, if people didn’t want to see Taylor Swift at NFL games, the cameras wouldn’t be showing her. According to Jason, Taylor is a world star and the quintessential artist of our time, and it would be foolish for the NFL to not showcase her.

Jason also took the opportunity to praise his brother’s girlfriend, describing her as immensely talented and an unbelievable role model for young women across the globe. This is an important message, as young girls need positive role models to look up to, and Taylor Swift certainly fits the bill.

Jason Kelce, 36, and his wife Kylie Kelce are proud parents to three daughters: Wyatt, 4, Elliot, 2, and Bennett, 11 months. In a heartwarming moment, the Kelsey girls had the chance to meet Taylor Swift in person for the first time last month at the Chiefs playoffs game against the Buffalo Bills. It was the same game where their dad went viral for his passionate celebration when Travis scored a touchdown pass. The cameras captured Jason roaring and cheering before climbing outside his suite window to high-five and take photos with fans.

Last week, Taylor and Jason were reunited at the AFC Championship game, which the Kansas City Chiefs won, securing their spot in the 2024 Super Bowl. The entire Kelce family, including Taylor, celebrated with Travis on the field after the game. In a sweet moment, Taylor even kissed Travis on live TV for the first time.

The Kelce brothers later discussed the big win on their New Heights podcast, jokingly thanking Taylor for joining the team and congratulating her on making it to the Super Bowl in her rookie year. It was certainly a memorable moment for Taylor Swift and the Chiefs Kingdom.

Overall, Jason Kelce’s defense of Taylor Swift attending NFL games highlights the positive impact she has as a role model for young women. Her immense talent and global success make her a valuable asset to the NFL. As Jason rightly pointed out, it would be foolish for the NFL to overlook the opportunity to showcase her. Taylor’s presence at games not only brings attention but also sends a powerful message to young girls that they can achieve great things.

So, let’s cheer on Taylor Swift and celebrate her as the incredible artist and role model that she is!

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Indranil Ghosh

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