The Biden Family and Allegations of Corruption

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In recent weeks, the Biden family has faced mounting scrutiny over allegations of corruption and influence peddling. While Joe Biden, the current President of the United States, has denied any involvement, his son Hunter Biden and brother James Biden have come under fire for their business dealings. In this article, we will explore the specific allegations against the Bidens and the potential implications for Joe Biden’s presidency.

Allegations against James and Hunter Biden

One of the main questions surrounding the Biden family is the exchange of money between Joe Biden’s relatives. Kaylee McGee White of the Washington Examiner raises the point of why James and Hunter Biden exchanged large sums of money. This is in contrast to everyday situations where a simple sandwich purchase between siblings would not involve such significant financial transactions.

While initially denying any corruption or influence peddling, the Biden family has now admitted that Hunter and James Biden were involved in selling their influence. However, they maintain that Joe Biden had no knowledge or involvement in these activities. Evidence suggests otherwise, with Hunter Biden’s message to a Chinese business associate referencing his father’s presence in the room. Additionally, James Biden’s connection to Americorp and an attorney’s admission of hiring him for access to Joe Biden further support the allegations of influence peddling.

The key question remains whether Joe Biden was directly involved or had knowledge of these activities. It seems that his family members did not anticipate any repercussions or that Joe Biden would object to them using his name for personal gain. The defense for Joe Biden has shifted to the claim that he may not have been actively corrupt but turned a blind eye to it. However, even this passive involvement can be seen as a form of corruption.

Testimony of Tony Bobulinski

Carley, the host of the show, brings up the recent testimony of Tony Bobulinski, a former business associate of the Biden family, who testified before House lawmakers. Bobulinski mentioned James Biden’s involvement in a deal with the Chinese and the concerns raised about doing business with a foreign entity while Joe Biden runs for president. According to Bobulinski, James Biden dismissed these concerns, responding with “plausible deniability.”

This exchange is significant as it suggests a lack of concern for the potential implications of their actions on Joe Biden’s political career. The Biden family was well aware of the connection between their business dealings and Joe Biden’s position, especially during the 2020 presidential campaign. While the family’s lawyer denies any political motives, the timing of the revelations raises suspicion.

Democratic Response and the Smirnoff Case

Todd, another panelist, predicts that Democrats will attempt to deflect attention from the Biden family’s allegations by discussing the Smirnoff case. The Biden administration is actively pursuing charges against Smirnoff, and Democrats may argue that these charges should be dropped. However, the focus should remain on the allegations against the Bidens and their potential impact on Joe Biden’s presidency.

Trump’s Town Hall Address

The discussion then shifts to Donald Trump’s recent town hall, where he addressed political rivals, including Joe Biden and Nikki Haley. Trump criticizes Haley’s performance, noting her significant deficit in the polls. He challenges Biden to a debate and expresses doubt that Biden will accept the invitation.

Kaylee responds by highlighting Joe Biden’s reluctance to engage with the press, take questions, or debate Trump. She suggests that each instance of Biden’s avoidance will raise concerns about his age and fitness for office. As for Nikki Haley, Kaylee questions her motives and the potential impact on her political career, especially in light of recent legal actions against Trump.

Speculation on Vice Presidential Candidates

Carley concludes the discussion by mentioning a shortlist of potential vice presidential candidates for the upcoming election. Vivek Ramaswamy, Ron DeSantis, Tim Scott, Byron Donald, Tulsi Gabbard, and Kristi Noem are among those being considered. However, it is unclear who will ultimately be chosen.


1. Are there any concrete evidence supporting the allegations against the Biden family?

While the evidence presented is largely circumstantial, there are messages and testimonies that suggest Hunter and James Biden engaged in influence peddling. However, direct evidence of Joe Biden’s involvement or knowledge remains elusive.

2. How are Democrats responding to these allegations?

Democrats are attempting to shift the focus away from the Biden family’s allegations by highlighting other cases, such as the ongoing Smirnoff case. They may argue that these charges should be dropped to divert attention from the Biden family.

3. Will Joe Biden engage in a debate with Donald Trump?

Based on Joe Biden’s track record of avoiding press interactions and debates, it seems unlikely that he will accept Trump’s challenge to a debate. This will likely raise concerns about his ability to address important issues and his fitness for office.


In conclusion, the allegations against the Biden family regarding corruption and influence peddling raise significant questions about Joe Biden’s presidency. While Joe Biden denies any involvement, evidence suggests that his family members were using his name to their advantage. The lack of concrete evidence linking Joe Biden directly to these activities leaves room for speculation, but it is clear that the issue will remain a topic of discussion and concern throughout his presidency.

Summary Points

  • The Biden family faces allegations of corruption and influence peddling.
  • Despite initial denials, evidence suggests that Hunter and James Biden engaged in selling their influence.
  • Questions remain about Joe Biden’s direct involvement or knowledge of these activities.
  • Tony Bobulinski’s testimony highlights James Biden’s dismissive attitude towards concerns about doing business with the Chinese.
  • Democrats may attempt to divert attention from the Biden family by discussing the Smirnoff case.
  • Donald Trump challenges Joe Biden to a debate, but it is unlikely that Biden will accept.
  • Potential vice presidential candidates for the upcoming election include Vivek Ramaswamy, Ron DeSantis, Tim Scott, Byron Donald, Tulsi Gabbard, and Kristi Noem.

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