Breaking News: Concerns About President Biden’s Age Raise Questions in Re-Election Campaign


President Biden escaped criminal charges related to mishandling classified information, but concerns about his age have resurfaced, becoming a significant issue in his re-election campaign. Special counsel Robert Herur recommended against pursuing criminal charges, citing doubts that a jury would believe Biden willfully held onto classified documents. The president vehemently denied these allegations during a press conference, asserting his competence and experience in leading the country.

Assessing President Biden’s Cognitive Decline:

Dr. Bandy Lee, a renowned psychiatrist and expert on violence, has expressed concerns about President Biden’s cognitive decline. She clarifies that discussing the characteristics of a public figure is not the same as individually diagnosing them. While cognitive decline is a normal part of aging, Dr. Lee suggests that the president’s lack of insight, denial, and reluctance to delegate responsibilities warrant further examination. She recommends implementing a fitness test for all presidents and candidates to ensure their fitness for office.

Potential Dangers and Presidential Fitness:

While cognitive decline may pose secondary dangers, Dr. Lee emphasizes that the immediate concern lies with the former president, Donald Trump. She argues that there is no comparison between the two, as Trump’s direct dangerousness far outweighs any potential risks associated with Biden’s cognitive decline. Dr. Lee believes it is crucial to establish Presidential Fitness as a standard requirement, similar to fitness tests for military officers and psychological assessments for those handling nuclear weapons.

Concerns Over Trump’s Presidential Bid:

In her book, “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump,” Dr. Lee warned about Trump unleashing violence in the United States. The events of the January 6th Capitol attack seemed to validate her prediction. Dr. Lee reveals that a panel of top mental health experts conducted a fitness evaluation of Trump based on the Mueller report, and he failed to meet the criteria for any job, let alone the presidency. This raises significant concerns as Trump continues to pursue another bid for the White House.

As the debate surrounding President Biden’s age and cognitive decline intensifies, it is crucial to separate individual diagnoses from public discussions about fitness for office. Implementing standardized fitness tests and regular assessments could help alleviate concerns and ensure that future presidential candidates are mentally fit to lead the country.

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