The New Faces of the Toronto Raptors: A Whirlwind Trade Deadline


In breaking news, the Toronto Raptors have made significant changes to their roster ahead of the trade deadline. With seven new players joining the team, the Raptors are poised for a fresh start. In the last 24 hours, Kelly Lin and Oai Abaji, two of the newest additions, shared their excitement about joining the team. Let’s dive into their journey and what it means for the Raptors.

Kelly Lin: From Toronto to BC and Back

Kelly Lin, a Toronto native, had a unique experience growing up in two different provinces. Until grade seven, he called Toronto home before moving to British Columbia. The trade deadline brought unexpected surprises for Lin, but the opportunity to return to his hometown was an incredible moment.

Reflecting on the whirlwind of the past day, Lin expressed his astonishment at the flurry of activity during the trade deadline. His name was linked to several potential destinations, but Toronto emerged as the ultimate landing spot. It was a dream come true for Lin, who had idolized the Raptors while growing up.

Putting on the Raptors jersey and representing his hometown team was an indescribable feeling for Lin. He acknowledged the significant impact the Raptors had on his life, with his mother serving as a scorekeeper and his father as an associate coach. As a child, Lin would spend hours in his driveway, pretending to be a Raptor. Now, with the opportunity to play for the team, his childhood dreams have become a reality.

Oai Abaji: Finding Familiarity in Toronto

Oai Abaji, formerly with the Utah Jazz, also found himself traded to the Raptors. Despite not having a connection to Canada, Abaji quickly felt at home in Toronto. The familiarity came from his relationships with various individuals associated with the Raptors franchise.

Abaji mentioned speaking with Messi Jiri, who called him to deliver the trade news. Jiri, a close friend of Abaji’s father, emphasized that he was now part of the Raptors family. This connection, built over five or six years, provided a sense of comfort and belonging for Abaji.

Although Abaji didn’t grow up in Canada, he expressed gratitude for the warm welcome he received. Being with the Raptors felt like being with family, thanks to his pre-existing connections. This support system will undoubtedly help Abaji settle into his new role with the team.

New Beginnings

With the new additions, the Toronto Raptors are ready to kickstart their journey once again. After a brief break, they will face the Cleveland Cavaliers on Saturday, marking the beginning of this chapter for the team. The trade deadline may have brought change, but it also brought renewed hope and excitement for both the players and the fans.


The trade deadline has reshaped the Toronto Raptors’ roster, welcoming seven talented players to the team. Kelly Lin, returning to his hometown, and Oai Abaji, finding familiarity through pre-existing connections, are thrilled to be part of the Raptors family. The upcoming game against the Cleveland Cavaliers marks the start of a new era for the Raptors. Fans eagerly await the performance of the new faces and the potential they bring to the team. With determination and support, the Raptors are ready to soar to new heights.

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