Is Donald Trump Eligible to Run for President?


The US Supreme Court recently heard arguments in a case that has the potential to decide whether Donald Trump is eligible to run for president. The case stems from a ruling by Colorado’s Top Court, which deemed that Mr. Trump could not run in the state’s primary due to his actions during the assault on the Capitol on January 6, 2021. The court must now consider various complex aspects of the case, including whether the president is considered an officer of the United States and whether a state can execute this clause or if it falls within the jurisdiction of Congress.

The Supreme Court Hearing

The Supreme Court hearing lasted for two hours, during which the councils for Colorado and Donald Trump presented their arguments. The nine Supreme Court justices asked a barrage of questions, showing more hostility towards Colorado’s case than Trump’s council. While it is difficult to predict the court’s final decision, the tone of the questioning suggests that the court may not uphold Colorado’s ban. One reason for this may be the court’s inclination to believe that it is not within the jurisdiction of a single state to determine who can run for president on behalf of the entire country.

Furthermore, there have been warnings from Attorneys General in many states highlighting the potential chaos that could ensue if Trump were banned from running. While this may not be a legal consideration, it is likely to influence the court’s decision-making process. The fear of banning an insurrectionist and potentially causing another insurrection weighs heavily on the minds of both the court and the public.

Avoiding the Question of Insurrection

The court did not delve into the question of whether the facts support the assertion that Donald Trump was an insurrectionist. Colorado has used this assertion as grounds for keeping him off the ballot. Instead, they are seeking an off-ramp, suggesting that it should be Congress’s responsibility to decide such matters. This way, the court can sidestep making a definitive judgment on Trump’s actions on January 6, 2021.


Ultimately, the US Supreme Court’s ruling will have significant implications for Donald Trump’s eligibility to run for president. While it is uncertain when the court will make its decision, the outcome will shape the future of American politics. The court’s hesitance to allow one state to determine candidacy for the entire nation and the fear of potential chaos may sway the final ruling. As the legal battle continues, the nation watches with bated breath, awaiting the court’s decision.

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