Breaking News: Donald Trump’s First Criminal Trial Set to Proceed


A judge in New York City has cleared the way for Donald Trump’s first criminal trial to proceed next month. This trial could potentially lead to his conviction before the upcoming November election. The case revolves around Trump’s alleged attempts to hide hush money payments to adult film star Stormy Daniels prior to the 2016 election. Trump is facing 34 different charges, including business fraud and a scheme to suppress negative stories. If convicted, Trump will be the first former president to face trial.

The Trial:

The trial is scheduled to start on March 25th and is expected to last for about six weeks. Since this is a criminal case, Trump will be required to attend every day of the trial. Unlike other matters, if he is convicted, he cannot pardon himself if reelected, nor can he be pardoned by anyone else, as these charges are at the state level. The timing of this trial is particularly unfavorable for Trump as he is currently running for re-election.

The Stakes:

While this is not the most serious trial that Trump faces, it takes precedence as it is the first one ready to proceed. The charges against him include alleged business fraud and the use of hush money payments to suppress negative stories during the 2016 election. If convicted, Trump could face severe penalties and potential dissolution of his business empire.

Civil Fraud Case:

Aside from the criminal trial, Trump’s business empire is also facing a civil fraud case. The judge is expected to deliver a verdict in this case soon. Prosecutors have requested $370 million in damages and are seeking to prevent Trump and his adult sons from conducting business in New York. If the judge rules in favor of the maximum penalty, it could spell disaster for Trump’s business endeavors and potentially dissolve the Trump organization entirely.

Trump’s Response:

Throughout all the ongoing legal proceedings, Trump maintains his innocence and claims that this is all part of a plot to prevent him from running for re-election. However, legal scholars assert that there is evidence and merit to the charges against him. Despite Trump’s attempts to use legal cases to his advantage in the past, the outcome of these trials could significantly impact his political career and business interests.


With the first criminal trial set to proceed next month, Donald Trump faces a crucial moment in his political and legal journey. The trial, centering around alleged hush money payments and business fraud, carries significant implications for Trump’s future. The timing of the trial, coinciding with his bid for re-election, further intensifies the stakes. Additionally, the impending verdict in the civil fraud case poses a substantial threat to his business empire. As the first former president to face trial, Trump finds himself in uncharted territory. The outcome of these cases will undoubtedly shape his legacy and potentially alter the course of American politics.

Prosecution’s Charges Against Trump:
ChargesNumber of Charges
Business FraudMultiple
Attempted Suppression of Negative StoriesMultiple
Hush Money Payments to Stormy DanielsMultiple

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