Breaking News: Is It Time for Joe Biden to Step Down?


Joe Biden’s presidency has been marred by questions about his mental fitness and ability to lead. In a recent interview, Rachel Campos Duffy suggests that it may be time for senior Democrats and even Jill Biden, the First Lady, to have a quiet word with Biden and ask him to step down. Let’s dive into the arguments presented by Campos Duffy and explore the implications of a potential Biden resignation.

Is It Time for Joe Biden to Leave?

Campos Duffy argues that Jill Biden should have had this conversation with Joe Biden years ago. She believes that during the campaign, it was evident that Biden’s mind was failing, and the pressures of the presidency would only exacerbate the situation. Campos Duffy even goes as far as to say that Jill Biden failed her husband by not advising him to step down or not run for office at all.

Furthermore, Campos Duffy criticizes Biden’s lack of wisdom in handling various issues such as Ukraine, the border crisis, and even his own family matters. She questions the decision to put his son, who has struggled with addiction, in charge of important business dealings. Campos Duffy believes that Biden has shown a lack of wisdom in all aspects of his life, and it is time for him to step down.

Defending Biden’s Gaffes

Karine Jean-Pierre, a spokesperson for the Biden administration, defends Biden’s gaffes by suggesting that elected officials often misspeak. She argues that it is common and that we should focus on the overall message Biden is trying to convey about American leadership on the global stage.

Campos Duffy finds this defense to be inadequate, especially considering the dangerous nature of the current global landscape. She expresses concern about the possibility of nuclear war and tensions with countries like Russia and China. Campos Duffy believes that Biden’s gaffes not only impact the American people but also send a message to America’s enemies that our leadership may be lacking.

The Possibility of President Kamala Harris

As Biden’s decline continues, Campos Duffy raises the question of what would happen if something were to occur in the next 11 months. She suggests that Vice President Kamala Harris would step in as president, but she acknowledges that many Americans are not confident in Harris’s ability to lead either.

Campos Duffy also speculates about who is truly running the show behind the scenes. She wonders if it is Jill Biden or former President Obama, who could potentially be influencing decisions from his mansion. The uncertainty surrounding the power dynamics within the Biden administration only adds to the overall concern about the future of the country.

The Responsibility of Jill Biden

Campos Duffy places a significant portion of the responsibility on Jill Biden’s shoulders. She believes that it is the role of a spouse to support and care for their partner, especially during their twilight years. If Joe Biden is not fit for his current position, Campos Duffy argues that Jill Biden should be the one to address this issue and guide him towards stepping down.


In conclusion, the question of whether it is time for Joe Biden to leave office is a contentious one. Rachel Campos Duffy makes a compelling argument for Jill Biden and senior Democrats to have a serious conversation with Biden about his mental fitness and the potential dangers of his continued presidency. The uncertainty surrounding Biden’s leadership and the possibility of a Harris presidency only heighten concerns about the future of the country. It remains to be seen how this situation will unfold and who will ultimately make the decision regarding Joe Biden’s political future.

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