Breaking News: President Putin Denies Interest in Invading NATO Countries


In a recent interview with former Fox News host Tucker Carlson, President Putin of Russia vehemently denied any interest in invading Poland or other NATO countries. He dismissed such a scenario as “absolutely out of the question” and accused NATO member states of using an imaginary Russian threat to intimidate people.

Putin’s Views on NATO and Ukraine

During the interview, President Putin criticized NATO for not accepting Moscow’s territorial gains in Ukraine, which he invaded back in 2022. He referred to Ukraine as an artificial country and claimed that its defeat was impossible. He also mentioned the possibility of reaching an agreement for the release of Evan Gershkovich, a Wall Street Journal reporter detained in Russia.

The Question of Invading Poland

When asked by Tucker Carlson if he would send Russian troops to Poland, President Putin responded that such a scenario would only occur if Poland attacked Russia. He firmly stated that Russia has no interest in Poland or any other NATO country. According to Putin, there is no reason for Russia to engage in military aggression.

Analysis of the Interview

Vitali Shevchenko, the Russia editor at BBC Monitoring, provided insights into the interview. He highlighted that there were no groundbreaking revelations in Putin’s two-hour conversation with Tucker Carlson. Shevchenko mentioned that Putin justified the invasion of Ukraine by claiming that almost half of Ukraine historically belonged to Russia and that Ukraine was an invention of the Soviet Union.

However, Shevchenko also pointed out some inaccuracies in Putin’s grasp of history. For example, Putin mistakenly referenced President Zelensky’s father as a fighter against fascists in World War II, even though Zelensky’s father passed away two years after the war.

The Purpose of the Interview

Shevchenko speculated on why Tucker Carlson was chosen to conduct the interview. He suggested that it was a strategic move by Putin to break out of self-imposed isolation and present a relatively sympathetic interviewer from the West. By doing so, Putin aimed to show his domestic audience that there are Western media figures willing to engage with him.

Moreover, the interview took place in the Kremlin, which further emphasized Putin’s desire to project a sense of authority and power.

Omissions and Media Coverage

One notable aspect of the interview was the topics that President Putin did not address. He did not mention the alleged atrocities committed by Russian forces in Ukraine or the suppression of domestic opposition within Russia.

Russian state media extensively covered Tucker Carlson’s visit and the subsequent interview. They portrayed it as a triumph, depicting the Kremlin as a David fighting against the Goliath of the Western political establishment. The coverage aimed to demonstrate that Putin’s Russia is not as isolated as its adversaries claim.


President Putin’s interview with Tucker Carlson provided insights into Russia’s stance on NATO, Ukraine, and its perception of Western media. Putin firmly denied any interest in invading NATO countries and defended Russia’s actions in Ukraine. The interview also highlighted some historical inaccuracies in Putin’s statements. The Kremlin’s media machine utilized the interview to showcase potential cooperation with Western media figures and counter the notion of Russia’s isolation. Overall, this interview serves as a significant development in Russia’s ongoing narrative with the West.

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