Dollar Stores Facing Restrictions in Chicago

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This morning, Chicago became the latest city to take steps to regulate dollar stores. Critics claim that these stores can be a danger to communities due to cleanliness issues and code violations. The Proposal, set for a vote next week, would ban dollar stores owned by the same company from opening within one mile of each other. Many smaller cities and towns across the US have already implemented similar measures.

Concerns Over Dollar Stores

Dollar stores in Chicago have faced criticism for various reasons. One major concern is the cleanliness of these stores. Critics argue that dollar stores are often filthy and do not properly maintain the trash outside their premises. Additionally, these small box retailers have been accused of violating health and building codes, resulting in fines totaling over $600,000 since 2017.

Another significant issue is safety. Some employees have reported feeling unsafe while working at dollar stores. In one instance, a manager asked an employee to bring a concealed weapon because he did not feel secure. This raises concerns about the overall safety of these establishments.

Response from Dollar Tree

In response to the criticism, Dollar Tree, one of the major dollar store chains, claims to have invested $1.5 million in upgrading and repairing their stores, as well as increasing staffing levels. They argue that dollar stores offer low-cost, high-value options for essential household goods. Limiting their presence in Chicago would reduce access to affordable products and force residents to travel further, potentially resulting in higher prices.

Impact on Community Access

However, some critics argue that dollar stores can drive out grocery chains, leaving communities with limited access to healthier food options. Instead, these areas may be left with primarily processed and canned foods, which are typically less nutritious. To address this concern, the Chicago proposal includes an exemption for dollar stores that dedicate at least 10% of their floor space to fresh produce or meat.


The debate over dollar stores in Chicago highlights the ongoing discussion surrounding their impact on communities. While dollar stores provide affordable options for essential goods, concerns about cleanliness, safety, and limited access to healthier food choices have sparked calls for regulations. As cities across the US consider similar measures, it remains to be seen how dollar stores will adapt and address these concerns.

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