Breaking News: Max Verstappen’s Initial Verdict on the New Red Bull Car


Max Verstappen, the Formula 1 driver for Red Bull, shares his thoughts on the team’s new car. He praises the team’s bold and aggressive approach in designing the vehicle. Verstappen expresses his excitement to learn more about the car’s performance during testing in Bahrain. He also discusses the respect he receives from within the F1 industry and his hopes for another strong season. Verstappen addresses rumors of Lewis Hamilton potentially joining Ferrari and reflects on the challenges of having a teammate like himself. He concludes by emphasizing the team’s motivation to win and their continuous pursuit of improvement.

The New Red Bull Car: A Bold and Aggressive Approach

Max Verstappen is impressed with the new car designed by Red Bull for the upcoming Formula 1 season. Unlike last year’s conservative approach, the team has taken a bold and aggressive stance in improving their vehicle. Verstappen appreciates this strategy and believes it will lead to better performance on the track.

During the filming day, Verstappen had the opportunity to drive the car, although the rain prevented him from fully assessing its capabilities. Nevertheless, he is eager to participate in the testing sessions in Bahrain to gain a deeper understanding of the car’s characteristics.

Respect from Inside the Business

Verstappen acknowledges the respect he receives from his peers in the Formula 1 industry. Despite being overshadowed by some of the sport’s biggest names, Verstappen’s achievements have not gone unnoticed. While he recognizes the presence of other talented individuals in the field, he remains focused on his own growth and development as a driver.

Verstappen expresses his gratitude for the enjoyable working environment within the team and hopes to replicate the success of the previous season. However, he acknowledges that every year brings new challenges and improvements from other teams, making it difficult to predict the outcome of the upcoming season.

Max Verstappen’s Continuous Improvement

As a dedicated driver, Verstappen strives to improve his skills with each passing year. While experience plays a significant role in his development, he approaches each season with the goal of becoming a better driver. Verstappen recognizes the excitement and uncertainty that come with the start of a new season, as it presents an opportunity to adapt and find the perfect balance between his driving style and the car’s capabilities.

Hamilton’s Potential Move to Ferrari

Rumors of Lewis Hamilton potentially joining Ferrari have sparked speculation within the Formula 1 community. Verstappen refrains from making definitive statements about Hamilton’s motives, as he is unaware of the current situation within the team. He acknowledges that if Ferrari has presented Hamilton with an enticing opportunity, it may be a dream come true for the British driver.

Verstappen believes that happiness and confidence within a team are crucial factors in a driver’s decision to stay or leave. If the current team environment is positive and shows signs of progress, there may be no need for a driver to seek opportunities elsewhere.

The Challenge of Having Verstappen as a Teammate

Lando Norris, Verstappen’s fellow driver, recently discussed the challenges of driving alongside Verstappen. Norris suggested that even a younger Verstappen would pose a formidable challenge to his current self. Verstappen acknowledges his growth over the past four years, attributing his improved performance to experience and a calmer mindset.

While Verstappen welcomes the opportunity to compete against the best drivers in the world, he understands that teammates may have reservations about partnering with him. He also acknowledges that team dynamics and personal relationships play a significant role in a driver’s decision to stay with their current team.

Red Bull’s Continuous Pursuit of Success

Verstappen remains optimistic about Red Bull’s future and their chances of winning championships. At 26 years old, he believes he has not yet reached his peak as a driver and continues to learn and grow. The team’s motivation and determination to win are evident, as they strive for constant improvement.

Verstappen emphasizes that success in Formula 1 is not solely dependent on individual skill, but also on the collective effort of the entire team. He acknowledges that time will tell if their endeavors have been enough to secure victory in the upcoming season.


The Formula 1 community eagerly awaits the start of the season, with Red Bull unveiling their new car and Max Verstappen expressing his enthusiasm for the team’s aggressive approach. Verstappen’s continuous growth as a driver and the team’s unwavering motivation bode well for their chances of success. Only time will reveal whether Red Bull’s efforts have been enough to claim victory in the highly competitive world of Formula 1.

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