Breaking News: Monthly Seat Projection for Canadian Federal Election

East Coast

The seat projections for the East Coast of Canada show noticeable pickups for the Conservative party. Shediac, a riding in New Brunswick, is particularly interesting. Dominic LeBlanc, a longtime politician and senior cabinet minister, is leading by less than seven percentage points. This could be a significant setback for the Liberal party in the region, as Shediac is considered one of their major strongholds.


The island of Montreal remains predominantly red, indicating strong support for the Liberal party. However, there is a spot of orange for the New Democrats, and a riding that is too close to call. This suggests a potential second pickup for the NDP and a closer fight for the Bloc Québécois in Quebec.

Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Ontario

The seat projections for the GTA and Ontario are striking. In Ottawa, the Liberal stronghold, there are a few ridings that could flip, including Ottawa Center, which is currently a tossup between the Liberals and the New Democrats. Outside of the city, the Conservatives are challenging the Liberals in the suburbs.

In Toronto itself, traditionally a lock for the Liberals, there are now multiple ridings where they will be fighting directly with the NDP. In the suburban areas like Mississauga and Brampton, the Conservatives are emerging as key challengers. A setback for the Liberals in Toronto would be significant, as the city has often been a make-or-break region for them.

The Prairies and British Columbia (BC)

The Prairies are predominantly blue, indicating strong support for the Conservative party. BC, on the other hand, is a different story. While the conservatives are benefiting in the seat projections, the NDP is losing seats outside of the Lower Mainland.

Vancouver is turning into a battleground, with the Liberals, NDP, and Conservatives all vying for seats. The conservatives are currently picking up seats, but there are still many close races in the city.


If an election were held today, the seat projections indicate a conservative majority government. The Conservatives are making gains in various regions, challenging the Liberals and the NDP. Shediac in New Brunswick and Toronto are particularly notable battlegrounds. However, it’s important to remember that these projections are not set in stone and can change leading up to the election.

Summary Points

East CoastConservatives making noticeable pickups
QuebecIsland of Montreal remains predominantly red, but NDP gaining ground
GTA and OntarioConservatives challenging Liberals in the suburbs, NDP gaining support in Toronto
PrairiesPredominantly blue with strong support for Conservatives
BCConservatives benefiting, NDP losing seats outside Lower Mainland, Vancouver turning into a battleground

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