Breaking News: Secretary Austin’s Hospitalization

Summary Points:

  • Secretary Austin underwent non-surgical procedures for a bladder issue
  • He was admitted to the critical care unit at Walter Reed
  • Responsibilities were transferred to Deputy Secretary Kathleen Hicks
  • Pentagon informed the White House and US government officials

What Happened to Secretary Austin?

Over the weekend, Secretary Austin, the current Secretary of Defense, underwent treatment for prostate cancer. However, there is more to the story. According to his doctors, Secretary Austin also had a bladder issue that required non-surgical procedures under general anesthesia.

Hospitalization at Walter Reed

Secretary Austin was taken to Walter Reed on Sunday afternoon. He was then admitted to the critical care unit for further monitoring and treatment. This unexpected turn of events led him to transfer his responsibilities to Deputy Secretary Kathleen Hicks.

Transparent Communication

Unlike his previous hospitalization on New Year’s Day, Secretary Austin and the Pentagon made sure to inform the White House and US government officials promptly. This departure from the previous incident demonstrates a commitment to transparent communication and ensuring that all necessary parties are aware of the situation.

Continued Recovery and Support

While Secretary Austin undergoes treatment and recovers from both his prostate cancer and bladder issues, Deputy Secretary Kathleen Hicks will temporarily assume his responsibilities. The Department of Defense remains committed to supporting Secretary Austin during this time and ensuring a smooth transition of duties.


The news of Secretary Austin’s hospitalization for non-surgical procedures to address a bladder issue alongside his treatment for prostate cancer is a reminder of the challenges faced by individuals in positions of power. It also highlights the importance of transparent communication and the need for support during times of health-related difficulties. Secretary Austin’s dedication to his duties, even while undergoing medical procedures, is commendable, and we wish him a speedy recovery.

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