Breaking News: Snowstorm Hits Bergen County

Summary Points:

  • The snowstorm is expected to bring up to eight inches of snow to the area.
  • The storm will be most intense until lunchtime.
  • The storm has already brought several inches of snow to parts of the city.
  • Roads have been relatively clear due to above-freezing temperatures.
  • The storm is accompanied by thunderstorms in offshore waters.
  • Temperatures are hovering around freezing, leading to increased accumulation in certain areas.
  • The storm will move out to sea quickly after intensifying.
  • Expect 6 to 8 plus inches of snow in the core of the tri-state area.
  • Coastal flooding is also a concern during high tide.

The snowstorm is currently hitting Bergen County and the surrounding areas with forecasts estimating up to eight inches of snow in some parts. The storm is expected to be most intense until lunchtime. Meteorologist Mike Woods has the latest updates on the storm.

According to Mike, the storm is already coming down quickly in the metro areas, with the most intense part of the storm expected to hit until around lunchtime. However, areas to the northwest are already experiencing solid snow amounts, with two to four inches of snow already accumulating. The roads, being on the warm side despite the snowfall, have not been heavily affected so far.

Although the temperatures have been above freezing, the storm is becoming more intense with time. There have even been reports of thunderstorms in the offshore waters, showing the intensity of the storm. Central Park is currently at 34 degrees, while White Plains and Poughkeepsie are at 32 degrees. Areas in the north and west are just hovering around the freezing point, leading to more accumulation on the roadways, especially the secondary and tertiary roads. Rooftops and car tops are also likely to see significant accumulation first.

The well-traveled streets in the metro areas take longer for accumulation to happen, which is advantageous for those trying to get around. The area of low pressure responsible for the storm is currently making its way into the Atlantic waters. Once it reaches the Atlantic, it will intensify rapidly. However, it will also move out to sea fairly quickly, only staying in the area for a few hours.

Despite its brief visit, the storm is still capable of dropping 6 to 8 plus inches of snow in the core of the tri-state area. The southern sections of New Jersey, as well as the northwestern counties, will likely see slightly less snow. In addition to the heavy snowfall, there is also a concern for coastal flooding. During high tide, there is a potential for tides to rise significantly.

It is important for residents in the affected areas to take necessary precautions and stay updated on any developments or warnings from local authorities. Travel should be avoided if possible, and if you must go outside, be sure to dress warmly and take extra care on potentially icy roads and walkways.

Stay safe and stay tuned for further updates as the snowstorm continues to impact the region.

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