Breaking News: Violent Attack Leaves Two Women Dead in Quebec


In a shocking incident in the town of Von, Quebec, two women have lost their lives and a man is in custody following a violent attack. The police are actively investigating the case, while a third victim is fighting for their life in the hospital. The motive behind the attack remains unknown, and the community is left in disbelief as they grapple with the tragic events that unfolded.

The Incident

The incident occurred outside a building in Von, Quebec, but not the one directly behind the reporter. Information is still limited, and the police have yet to release details about the location, how the attack started, or the identity of the suspect. This armed and violent attack has shaken the community to its core.

Police Investigation

The SQ Quebec Provincial Police are leading the investigation into this devastating incident. As of now, they have not disclosed any motives or possible connections between the victims and the suspect. The authorities are working tirelessly to gather more information and provide updates to the public.

Eye-Witness Accounts

A Resident’s Perspective

Residents of Von are shocked by the events that transpired in their typically quiet neighborhood. One woman, who knew both a victim and the suspect, shared her concerns about the safety of the area. She recounted how her husband used to walk their dog alongside the suspect and expressed her fear about the incident.

“My daughter phoned, crying, and told me to get out of the building because something was happening. My husband was in the exercise room at that time, and he didn’t care about the commotion as long as he was focused on his workout. I went to get him, and that’s when I witnessed the chaos outside. Ambulances were arriving, stretchers being carried inside the building. It’s a very scary situation for everyone here.”

Community Response

Given the peaceful nature of the neighborhood, the violent attack has left residents deeply concerned for their safety. The community is coming together to support one another during this difficult time. While awaiting updates from the authorities, people are urging each other to be vigilant and remain cautious.

The Impact

This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder that violence can occur anywhere, even in seemingly serene areas. It has shed light on the importance of community solidarity and the need to stay connected and aware of our surroundings, no matter how safe we may feel.


As the investigation into this horrifying incident continues, the community of Von, Quebec, mourns the loss of two innocent lives. The motive behind the attack is still unknown, but the authorities are working diligently to uncover the truth. In the aftermath of this tragedy, it is crucial for the community to come together and support one another, standing strong against violence.

Incident Details:Summary Points:
Location: Town of Von, QuebecTwo women dead, one in critical condition
Suspect Status: In custodyMotive unknown
Police Presence: LargeFurther updates awaited

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