Breaking News: Winter Storm Hits Northeast, Expecting Up to a Foot of Snow

Summary Points:

  • A winter storm is currently hitting the Northeast, with up to a foot of snow expected in some areas.
  • Over a thousand flights have already been cancelled, and there is a possibility of coastal flooding.
  • The storm is disrupting the morning commute and causing school closures.
  • Some areas, like New York City, are experiencing a deficit of snow this season.
  • The storm is expected to pass by noon, with improving conditions in the afternoon.

Ginger in Fort Lee, New Jersey, reports on the current winter storm hitting the Northeast. As of now, up to a foot of snow is expected in some parts, leading to flight cancellations and the possibility of coastal flooding. The snow is already causing slick roads and difficult driving conditions.

The storm is hitting the region at the worst possible time – during the morning commute. It has disrupted the I95 Corridor, affecting millions of people from Kentucky up through the Northeast. This winter storm is expected to be short in duration but high impact.

Coastal communities in Massachusetts are bracing for their most impactful tide in 6 years. The storm has forced many schools to cancel classes, with New York City opting for remote learning. While remote learning has become a norm due to the COVID-19 pandemic, parents are still finding it challenging to manage their young children at home.

Winter storms have been relatively mild in recent years, but this storm is a reminder of the significance of snowfall. Ken Ringer, the owner of All Bright Hardware in Allentown, Pennsylvania, expresses excitement for the snowfall, as it has been lacking in previous years. New York City, in particular, has a significant deficit of snow this season.

The storm is expected to wrap up quickly, with improved conditions by noon. Although some areas may experience heavy snowfall rates, it won’t accumulate significantly unless they are in the heavier band. By 6:00 p.m., the storm will have cleared out, leaving everyone with clearer skies.

Aside from the snow, other impacts of the storm include 40 mph winds and coastal flooding. It is advised to avoid driving this morning, but conditions should improve by the afternoon.

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