Dog Safety: Tips for Keeping Your Pet Safe

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Dog attacks have become a concerning issue in our city, and as responsible pet owners, it is important to know how to keep our animals safe. Beverly McKee from the Toronto Humane Society shares some valuable insights and tips on dog safety.

The Importance of Safety

When it comes to walking your dog, safety should be your number one priority. McKee emphasizes the need for dog owners to keep their pets on a leash. This not only ensures their safety but also prevents any potential harm to others.

Furthermore, it is crucial to train your dog to be comfortable in various environments. The sights and sounds of a busy city can be overwhelming for some dogs, causing them to become anxious or nervous. Attending training classes or seeking assistance from positive reinforcement training schools can significantly help in acclimating your furry friend to the urban setting.

Dealing with Aggressive Dogs

Encountering an aggressive dog can be a frightening situation. McKee advises dog owners to prioritize their own dog’s safety by calling them back and rewarding them for obeying the command. If necessary, putting your dog on a leash and creating distance from the aggressive dog is the best course of action.

If you find yourself without a dog and facing an approaching aggressive dog, McKee suggests assessing the dog’s body language. A stiffened stare and stillness may indicate an imminent attack. In such cases, it is essential to put a physical barrier between yourself and the dog, call for help, and avoid any sudden movements that might provoke the dog further.

Handling Dog Attacks

In the unfortunate event of a dog attack, McKee advises remaining as calm as possible. If the attacking dog has bitten your dog and is holding on, pulling your dog away abruptly can worsen the situation. Instead, gently push your dog into the bite, which may prompt the aggressive dog to release its grip.

McKee also recommends finding a high object to stand on or using a barrier like an umbrella to create distance between you and the attacking dog. These measures can help protect you and your pet from further harm.

Adopting a Dog

If you’ve fallen in love with the adorable bug, the dog sitting beside McKee, you’ll be pleased to know that he’s available for adoption at the Toronto Humane Society. To find out more about bug and other dogs up for adoption, visit their website at The website also provides information on adoption hours and the option to arrange a meet and greet with dogs in foster care.


It is crucial to prioritize the safety of our dogs and ourselves when it comes to dog attacks. By following the tips provided by Beverly McKee from the Toronto Humane Society, we can minimize the risk of incidents and create a safer environment for both humans and animals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I keep my dog safe during walks?
A: Keep your dog on a leash and ensure they are trained to be comfortable in different environments.
Q: What should I do if I encounter an aggressive dog?
A: Call your dog back, put them on a leash, and create distance from the aggressive dog.
Q: How should I handle a dog attack?
A: Remain calm, gently push your dog into the bite if necessary, and create a barrier between you and the attacking dog.
Q: Can I adopt bug or other dogs from the Toronto Humane Society?
A: Yes, bug and other dogs are available for adoption. Visit for more information.


For more tips on dog safety, watch this informative video: Dog Safety Tips Video

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