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Today, we are going to delve into the intriguing world of high finance. Our guest, Carrie Sun, has had a unique experience working as an assistant to a billionaire hedge fund manager. Her insights and experiences have led her to write a book titled “Private Equity,” shedding light on the expectations and challenges of working in the top 1% of the financial world.

Carrie Sun’s Journey

Carrie Sun started her career as the right-hand person to a hedge fund billionaire, where she was responsible for managing various aspects of his life. From administrative support to research and operational tasks, Carrie’s role was pivotal in ensuring her boss’s smooth functioning. Despite the intense workload, Carrie’s dedication and hard work were rewarded with raises, bonuses, and gifts from her boss. She felt valued and appreciated for her contributions, which motivated her to continue excelling in her role.

The Burnout Experience

However, the demanding nature of the job eventually took its toll on Carrie, leading to burnout. She found herself on a relentless treadmill of work, striving to meet the high expectations set by her boss. When she reached out for help, hoping to alleviate some of the workload, she was met with challenges. Despite her boss’s kindness and belief in her abilities, there were limitations to the support he could provide.

Lessons Learned

Through her book, Carrie aims to highlight the prevalent issue of burnout in high-pressure work environments. She challenges the perception that success in the corporate world comes without sacrifices. By sharing her story, Carrie hopes to inspire a conversation about work-life balance and the importance of prioritizing well-being in pursuit of professional success.

Why the Name Change?

One interesting aspect of Carrie’s book is her decision to change the names of the people and firms she worked with. By doing so, she shifts the focus from the external glamour of wealth and power to her personal journey within that world. This unique perspective offers readers a glimpse into the life of an average worker in an environment dominated by billionaires and executives.

Behind the Scenes

Carrie’s experience working closely with extreme wealth revealed the meticulous effort required to maintain a facade of seamless perfection. From coordinating lunches to managing schedules, every detail was meticulously planned and executed by a team of dedicated individuals. The glamorous exterior of wealth often masks the hard work and coordination that goes on behind the scenes.


Q: What inspired you to write the book “Private Equity”?
A: My personal journey working for a hedge fund billionaire sparked the idea to share my experiences and shed light on the realities of life in the top echelons of finance.

Q: How did your boss react to the book?
A: While I changed names and details for privacy reasons, my boss appreciated the insights shared in the book and acknowledged the challenges faced by employees in high-pressure environments.


Carrie Sun’s story offers a glimpse into the complexities of working in high finance and the toll it can take on individuals. Through her book, she invites readers to reflect on the true cost of success and the importance of self-care amidst demanding professional expectations.


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