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Godzilla Kong: The New Empire is the latest installment in the legendary monster franchise. Directed by Adam Wingard, this film brings together two iconic creatures, Godzilla and Kong, in an epic battle for supremacy. While the X in the title remains silent, the movie itself packs a punch with thrilling action sequences and a story that takes us deep into the hollow Earth. In this blog, we will delve into the details of this monster showdown and explore the strengths and weaknesses of the film.

Kong Takes the Spotlight

Although Godzilla has top billing in the title, Godzilla Kong: The New Empire feels more like a Kong-centric film. Kong, now ruling over the hollow Earth, faces a new enemy known as the Scar King. This ancient foe poses a grave threat to both Kong and the world. To protect the hollow Earth and humanity, Kong must enlist the help of his former enemy, Godzilla. This shift in focus gives Kong the opportunity to shine and explore his character in more depth.

A More Relatable King

Kong’s character has always been more relatable than Godzilla. In this film, Kong gets a sidekick named Suko, a young ape who adds an interesting dynamic to their relationship. Unlike previous movies that overdid the young sidekick trope, Godzilla Kong: The New Empire finds a balance and uses Suko’s character effectively. Kong’s intelligence and emotional connection with Suko make him a more endearing and relatable king.

Marginalizing Godzilla

While Kong takes the spotlight, Godzilla is somewhat marginalized in this film. He spends the first half of the movie seeking power-ups, sensing that something is amiss. However, he ends up being more of a hired hand, called in to help Kong. This marginalization of Godzilla is a double-edged sword. While it allows Kong to shine, it also diminishes the impact of a movie that is supposed to feature both iconic creatures. Godzilla’s presence on screen is still compelling, with some exciting action sequences, but his role feels somewhat diminished in comparison to Kong’s.

A Supporting Cast of Humans

Godzilla Kong: The New Empire also features a cast of human characters, including Rebecca Hall as Dr. Andrews, a Kong specialist, Brian Tyree Henry as Bernie, a conspiracy podcaster, and Kaylee Hodle as Gia, the last surviving member of Skull Island’s ewe tribe. Dan Stevens joins the cast as Trapper, a super psyched Kaiju veterinarian. The human characters add depth to the story and provide a connection between the monsters and humanity.

Action-Packed Monster Fights

The highlight of Godzilla Kong: The New Empire is undoubtedly the monster fights. The film delivers on its promise of giant monkey and radioactive lizard battles with world landmarks as the backdrop. The action sequences are thrilling and visually stunning, showcasing the immense power and destructive force of these creatures. Fans of the franchise will not be disappointed by the epic battles that unfold on screen.

A Half-Baked Story

While the monster fights are undeniably entertaining, Godzilla Kong: The New Empire falls short when it comes to the story and character development. The narrative feels half-baked, lacking depth and emotional resonance. The focus on spectacle and action takes precedence over a compelling and cohesive storyline. As a result, the film may leave some viewers wanting more substance and meaningful character arcs.


In conclusion, Godzilla Kong: The New Empire delivers on its promise of epic monster battles and thrilling action sequences. Kong takes the spotlight in this installment, while Godzilla plays a supporting role. The film falls short in terms of storytelling and character development, prioritizing spectacle over substance. However, for fans of the franchise who are seeking an adrenaline-filled cinematic experience, this movie will not disappoint.


Q: Is this movie suitable for children?

A: Godzilla Kong: The New Empire is rated PG-13, indicating that some material may be inappropriate for children under 13. Parents should use their discretion and consider the level of violence and intense sequences in the film.

Q: Are there any references to previous films in the franchise?

A: While Godzilla Kong: The New Empire can be enjoyed as a standalone film, there are references and connections to previous movies in the franchise. Familiarity with the MonsterVerse universe may enhance the viewing experience.

Q: Will there be more films featuring Godzilla and Kong?

A: The success of Godzilla Kong: The New Empire may pave the way for future films in the franchise. Fans can look forward to the possibility of seeing these iconic creatures in more epic battles and exploring their rich mythology.


  • Godzilla Kong: The New Empire brings together two iconic monsters in an epic showdown.
  • The film focuses more on Kong, giving him the opportunity to shine as a relatable and endearing king.
  • Godzilla’s role is somewhat marginalized, although his presence on screen still provides exciting action.
  • The human cast adds depth to the story and bridges the gap between the monsters and humanity.
  • The movie delivers on its promise of thrilling monster fights with impressive visual effects.
  • However, the story and character development feel lacking, prioritizing spectacle over substance.

Overall, Godzilla Kong: The New Empire is a spectacle-driven film that will satisfy fans of the franchise, offering breathtaking monster battles and awe-inspiring visuals. While it may fall short in terms of storytelling, the sheer entertainment value makes it a worthwhile watch for monster movie enthusiasts.

For more information about Godzilla Kong: The New Empire, you can visit the official website of the movie: https://www.godzillakong.com


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