LCBO Backtracks on Controversial Pilot Project in Northern Ontario

In a surprising turn of events, the LCBO has decided to cancel a new pilot project that was set to be implemented in several stores in Northern Ontario. The project involved the installation of controlled entrances at four stores in Thunder Bay, one in Canora, and one in Sue Lookout. However, due to significant backlash and concerns raised by the public, the Province has intervened and put an end to the controversial program.

Concerns Raised by the Public

As news of the pilot project spread, so did the outrage and concerns from the community. The main issue at hand was the requirement for shoppers to scan their ID and have their information recorded before entering the store. This included personal details such as their photo, name, and birth date, which would have been stored in the system for a period of 14 days.

Many individuals voiced their concerns over privacy and the potential misuse of their personal information. This sparked a heated debate about the balance between safety measures and the invasion of privacy. It seems that the public consensus leaned heavily towards protecting privacy rights.

LCBO’s Response

Following the significant backlash, Ontario’s finance minister, Peter Bethal, released a statement addressing the concerns and ultimately directing the LCBO to cancel the pilot program immediately. The statement emphasized the importance of safety and the need to find alternative solutions in collaboration with community partners to ensure the well-being of both customers and employees.

The Importance of Safety

While the LCBO’s intention with the pilot project was to enhance safety measures in their stores, it became evident that the proposed method was not well-received by the public. It is crucial to acknowledge the importance of safety in retail environments, especially amidst a global pandemic where precautionary measures are of utmost importance.

However, it is equally important to find a balance between safety and respecting the privacy rights of individuals. This incident serves as a reminder that implementing new measures must be done in a way that considers the concerns and feedback of the community.

Summary Points

Issue:LCBO’s pilot project involving controlled entrances
Response:The project has been canceled following public backlash
Concerns:Privacy, potential misuse of personal information
Importance:Balancing safety and privacy rights

Moving Forward

With the cancellation of the pilot project, the LCBO has an opportunity to reassess their approach to safety measures. It is crucial for the organization to listen to the concerns of the public and engage in meaningful dialogue with community partners to find effective alternatives.

Ensuring the safety of customers and employees remains a top priority for the LCBO. By involving the community in the decision-making process, they can develop solutions that address safety concerns while maintaining the privacy and trust of their valued patrons.

As this story unfolds, it serves as a reminder that public opinion and feedback have a significant impact on shaping policies and initiatives. It highlights the power of collective voices in holding organizations accountable and influencing positive change.


The LCBO’s decision to cancel the controversial pilot project is a testament to the strength of public opinion. It is crucial for organizations to be receptive to the concerns and feedback of the community, particularly when it comes to matters of privacy and safety.

As discussions continue regarding the best approach to enhancing safety measures in retail environments, it is important to find solutions that strike a balance between protecting individuals and respecting their privacy rights. By working together with community partners, the LCBO can navigate these challenges and ensure the well-being of both its customers and employees.

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