Madam Web: A Disappointing Movie Review


Madam Web, a movie brought to you by Brilliant, has generated quite a buzz in the entertainment industry. With high hopes and expectations, fans eagerly awaited the release of this superhero film. However, upon its debut, it became evident that Madam Web failed to live up to its potential. In this blog, we will explore the reasons behind its disappointing reception and analyze its various shortcomings. But first, let’s delve into the plot and characters of the film.

The Plot and Characters

Madam Web revolves around a group of four teenagers: Cassie, Ana, Maddie, and Julia. These characters, each with their unique backgrounds and struggles, find themselves united by their shared experience of lacking a real family. Led by Cassie, played by Dakota Johnson, the group embarks on a journey that promises to explore their personal growth and the development of their newfound friendship.

While the premise of the film holds promise, the execution falls flat. The screenplay, penned by the writers of Power Rangers (2017), fails to handle the characters and their development effectively. The dialogue feels clunky and lacks subtlety, with the teen characters instantly opening up and sharing their sad backstories with one another. This forced emotional connection between the characters comes across as inauthentic and reality show-esque.

The actors themselves, despite their best efforts, are unable to salvage the poorly written script. Dakota Johnson’s portrayal of Cassie lacks depth and emotion, with flat line readings that fail to create any sense of connection with the audience. The film’s other actors, including Emma Roberts and Adam Scott, are similarly underutilized, with their characters serving little purpose within the overall narrative.

The Villain: Ezekiel

No superhero film is complete without a memorable antagonist. However, in the case of Madam Web, the villain, Ezekiel, played by Tahar Rahim, is a major disappointment. Originally based on the Amazing Spider-Man character of the same name, Ezekiel’s portrayal in the film is lackluster. The reshoots and ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) used to revamp the character are blatantly obvious, detracting from the overall viewing experience.

Furthermore, the dialogue delivery by Rahim is notably subpar, resembling a poor imitation of the Dark Knight’s Joker. These factors combined make Ezekiel a forgettable and underdeveloped character, contributing to the overall lack of substance in the film.

Missed Opportunities and Lack of Superhero Action

One of the major letdowns of Madam Web is the absence of genuine superhero moments. Despite the trailer teasing scenes of the leads in their Spider costumes engaging in superhero activities, the film fails to deliver on these promises. Instead, the audience is presented with sporadic glimpses into the future, shot in a dreamy and ethereal style.

While these flash-forwards serve as a narrative device, their importance is undermined by the lack of impact they have on the main characters. The three lead girls, Cassie, Ana, and Maddie, never truly comprehend the significance of their impending destiny until the final scene. This missed opportunity for character development and growth leaves the audience feeling unsatisfied and disconnected from the story.

A Cynical Product

Madam Web ultimately comes across as a cynical product created solely to capitalize on the superhero genre. The film shows a disregard for the audience, providing a lackluster viewing experience. If this is the standard that studios now perceive as acceptable for superhero movies, it is no wonder that the genre is experiencing a decline.

While it is possible that an interesting vision for Madam Web existed during the production process, the final product fails to deliver on any level. The film is devoid of any redeeming qualities or enjoyable aspects, leaving viewers feeling unsatisfied and disappointed.


Madam Web, despite its initial promise and potential, falls short in every aspect. From the poorly written screenplay to the underdeveloped characters and lack of genuine superhero action, the film fails to engage and captivate its audience. With subpar performances and a disjointed narrative, Madam Web is a missed opportunity that leaves viewers feeling cheated.

While the superhero genre continues to evolve and produce exceptional films, Madam Web serves as a reminder that not every endeavor can be successful. Let’s hope that future superhero films learn from its mistakes and strive to deliver an exceptional viewing experience that leaves audiences exhilarated and fulfilled.

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