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Subtitle: House Republicans prioritize Trump over border security

House Republicans seem to be more interested in what Donald Trump wants them to do than securing the Border or protecting our national security. Imagine the nightmare if Donald Trump’s reelected. They know Joe Biden can’t defeat me. You can look at every one of the polls, I defeat B by double digits.

Subtitle: Bipartisan $188 billion border security and foreign aid package unveiled

After months of closed-door negotiations, Senate leaders have finally unveiled a bipartisan $188 billion border security and foreign aid package. Almost immediately, some Democratic and Republican lawmakers expressed concern over the plan. It’s unclear if the bill has the 60 necessary votes to pass the Senate. House Republican leadership, meanwhile, is already calling it “Dead on Arrival.” CBS News immigration and politics reporter Camilo Montoya Galvez is at the Border in Eagle Pass Texas and is with us now.

Subtitle: Major border provisions in the legislation

If signed by the president and passed by Congress, this proposal would mark a dramatic and seismic shift at the US-Mexico border. Migrants would be quickly returned across the Rio Grande into Mexico when illegal crossings spike. The president would gain sweeping authority to effectively shut down asylum processing between the ports of entry, giving authorities the power to summarily return migrants when a certain threshold of illegal crossings is reached. It’s important to note that asylum processing will still be preserved at official border crossings. The bill would also speed up the asylum review process, condensing it from years to months.

Subtitle: Criticism and concerns over the bill

The bill is garnering criticism from both the left and the right. Negotiators acknowledge that it is not perfect and that not every side is getting what they want. It remains uncertain if this proposal will be passed in a Congress that has been gridlocked on this issue since the 1990s.

Subtitle: Potential impact of the bill

If this bill were to pass, it would have a significant impact on places like Eagle Pass, Texas. Border patrol agents would have the authority to invoke the shutdown authority and power almost immediately due to the high number of daily crossings by migrants. This would allow border patrol agents to return migrants to Mexico without allowing them to request asylum, which is currently a requirement under US law.

Subtitle: Continuing issues at the border without a deal

If a deal is not reached on border security, border officials, asylum officers, and immigration judges will continue to operate under an outdated, overwhelmed, and understaffed system. This system has not received any major updates since the 1990s and does not reflect the realities of today’s migration flows. The number of migrant apprehensions is unprecedented, and officials are bracing for another crisis-level situation at the border.

Subtitle: Concerns over turnout in Nevada

As the Nevada Democratic primary approaches, there are concerns about turnout. While it is expected that Donald Trump will win all the delegates in the Republican primary, there is uncertainty about voter turnout in the primary. Already, more than 50,000 people have voted early in the primary, and no one has voted for Trump. The Trump campaign has been trying to educate voters that they need to participate in the caucus if they want to vote for Trump, but there has been confusion and disappointment with the state party’s organization.

Subtitle: Biden’s criticism of Trump and focus on electability

During a campaign speech in Las Vegas, President Biden criticized former President Trump, saying it would be a nightmare if he were reelected. Biden emphasized his electability and his ability to defeat Trump in the polls. He highlighted Trump’s derogatory remarks about fallen soldiers to underscore his point.

Subtitle: Concerns over RNC leadership

Former President Trump has hinted at a change in leadership at the Republican National Committee (RNC). While RNC Chair Ron McDaniel has been a loyal ally of Trump, there is growing dissatisfaction among some RNC members. Trump’s influence and his legal troubles may play a role in shaping the RNC’s future leadership.

Subtitle: Nikki Haley’s campaign and electability

Nikki Haley remains in the race, insisting that she has the money and support to continue. She raised $16.5 million in January and claims to be the most electable candidate who can defeat Biden. However, her path to the nomination is narrow, and she faces challenges in winning Republican primary voters.

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