News Report: The Importance of Player Happiness and Squad Balance

Summary Points

  • Player happiness and passion are crucial for success
  • Manchester City treats its players well
  • Raheem Sterling and Cole Palmer’s contributions are praised
  • The importance of balancing young and experienced players
  • The role of a holding midfielder


In a recent news report, a player from Manchester City expressed the importance of player happiness and passion in achieving success. The player emphasized that individuals who are not happy and lack passion for the game should not be part of the team, regardless of their contract obligations. This blog will delve into the significance of player happiness, the treatment of players at Manchester City, and the balance between young and experienced players in the squad.

The Importance of Player Happiness

The player, who remains unnamed, stated that players need to come to Manchester City with passion and love for the game. They should be happy to be part of the team and not solely motivated by their contract. The player believes that the best results come from individuals who genuinely enjoy playing for the club. It is clear that player happiness is a vital factor in Manchester City’s success.

Treatment of Players at Manchester City

The player expressed their belief that Manchester City is the best club in terms of how they treat their players. The supportive and positive environment is credited as one of the reasons why players are happy to be part of the team. The club’s treatment of its players sets it apart from others in the league.

Praise for Raheem Sterling and Cole Palmer

The player acknowledged the contributions of Raheem Sterling and Cole Palmer. They stated that their early years together were massively decisive and played a crucial role in the team’s success. The player believes that Cole Palmer did not receive the minutes he deserved, but acknowledges that he has moved on to play for another club and has already proven himself to be an exceptional player. Both Sterling and Palmer are commended for their talent and impact on the team.

Balancing Young and Experienced Players

The player was asked about the balance between young and experienced players in the squad, particularly in relation to Chelsea. While acknowledging that the sport director is primarily responsible for this aspect, the player agreed that it is important to have a mix of both. Experienced players like Thiago Silva and Raheem Sterling provide valuable leadership, while young players bring fresh talent and energy to the team. Finding the right balance is crucial for overall squad performance.

The Role of a Holding Midfielder

The player also discussed the role of a holding midfielder, highlighting their importance to the team. They mentioned that holding midfielders often go unnoticed externally, as their contributions do not typically make the highlights. However, internally, the entire club recognizes their significance and the crucial role they play in the team’s success. A holding midfielder’s job is to focus on the overall team performance rather than seeking individual recognition.


This news report sheds light on the significance of player happiness and squad balance in achieving success. Manchester City’s approach of prioritizing player treatment and creating a positive environment has been instrumental in their triumphs. The contributions of players like Raheem Sterling and Cole Palmer are highly valued, and the importance of a well-balanced squad with a mix of young and experienced players cannot be underestimated. Additionally, the vital role of a holding midfielder, who often works behind the scenes, is acknowledged and appreciated within the club. Manchester City’s continued success is a testament to the effectiveness of these strategies.

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