Selena Gomez’s Mom on Taking Social Media Breaks

Breaking News: Selena Gomez’s Mom Talks About Her Daughter’s Social Media Breaks

In a recent interview with Elite Daily, Mandy Tiffy, mother of pop star Selena Gomez, shed light on her daughter’s frequent social media breaks. Mandy, who co-founded the mental health network Wondermind with Selena, shared her perspective on the importance of taking time away from the online world.

Supporting Selena’s Needs

When asked about the length of Selena’s breaks and if there is a specific duration that makes a difference for her, Mandy responded, “No, it’s just whatever she needs for that time period.” She explained that Selena gives herself the freedom to take breaks whenever necessary and that it varies from time to time. Mandy herself can go weeks without looking at any social media and then catch up when she feels like it.

Prioritizing Mental Health

Mandy and Selena have been vocal advocates for destigmatizing mental health issues for years. They believe that taking breaks from the internet allows them to be more at ease in their world and live in the present moment. According to Mandy, it brings a sense of peace and tranquility.

A Family’s Self-Care Routine

When Mandy and Selena feel overwhelmed and in need of a mental health day, they have a self-care routine that they follow. Mandy humorously shared, “It’s hilarious. We come together and plan a movie day. We cook food, relax, and hang out. Eventually, we all end up falling asleep.” She recounted a conversation with one of her therapists who explained that being around trusted and loved ones helps to create a relaxed environment. So, whenever Selena needs a good sleep, she often chooses to sleep over at her mom’s place.

The Dilemma of Social Media

Selena has recently faced criticism for announcing multiple social media breaks but returning to the platforms shortly after. Last month, she posted a video of her boyfriend, Benny Blanco, playing with two children and captioned it with “I’m off social media for a while. I’m focusing on what really matters.” However, keen-eyed internet users noticed that Selena made her return to Instagram just 18 hours later. This pattern has drawn attention to her love-hate relationship with social media and its impact on her mental health.

The Positive Effect of Detoxing from the Internet

In a previous interview with Good Morning America, Selena shared her experience of being off the internet for almost five years and the positive effects it had on her life. She expressed, “I haven’t been on the Internet in four and a half years. What does that do to detox your life? It has changed my life completely. I am happier. I am more present. I connect more with people. It makes me feel normal.”


Mandy Tiffy’s insights provide a glimpse into Selena Gomez’s approach to social media breaks and the importance of prioritizing mental health. By taking time away from the online world, Selena and her mom are able to find peace, relaxation, and a stronger connection with their loved ones. While Selena’s relationship with social media may continue to evolve, her experiences serve as a reminder that it’s essential to prioritize self-care and find a healthy balance in the digital age.

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