Understanding the Impact of Airline Changes on Travelers

When it comes to air travel, changes in airline schedules and prices can have a significant impact on travelers. In a recent development, Ryanair has announced plans to cut its schedules and boost prices. To shed light on this matter, we turn to longtime airline analyst Robert Kokonis, Founder and Managing Director at Bear Trap.

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Challenges Faced by Discount Operators

Robert points out that the recent news about Link Airways came as a surprise to many, given their seasoned management team. However, the challenges faced by Link Airways serve as a cautionary tale for other discount operators in the industry. Structural issues in the country, such as high taxes, fees, and charges, make it difficult for low-cost carriers to thrive.

Factors to Consider in Aviation Business

Robert highlights the importance of considering structural factors like taxes, fees, and charges in the aviation business. He notes that Canada is one of the most expensive aviation jurisdictions in the world, which poses challenges for low-cost carriers. A user-pay model, as seen in the U.S., may offer a more sustainable approach to supporting the aviation industry.

Impact on Airline Prices

Looking ahead, the changes in the airline landscape could have implications for airline prices. While immediate changes may not be drastic, the long-term effects of losing a player like Link Airways could lead to shifts in pricing and competition within the market.


Q: Will the changes in airline schedules affect my travel plans?

A: While immediate disruptions may be minimal, long-term changes in the industry could impact airline prices and availability.

Q: How can travelers navigate the evolving airline landscape?

A: Keeping an eye on pricing trends and staying informed about industry developments can help travelers make informed decisions about their travel plans.


As the aviation industry continues to evolve, travelers may need to adapt to changing schedules and prices. By understanding the factors at play in the industry, travelers can make informed choices when planning their flights.


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