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Feeling Overwhelmed and Blessed

As a Best New Artist nominee, being on the red carpet must feel surreal. The morning has been overwhelming, but in a good way. The artist feels incredibly blessed to be in the same room as their friends who are also nominated for awards and their musical heroes who have been gracing the industry for years.

It’s refreshing to see the artist’s humble attitude towards their peers. They acknowledge that the best new artist category is filled with phenomenal talents, and it’s impossible to choose a favorite. Beyond their musical skills, the artist has been pleasantly surprised by how kind and supportive their fellow nominees are. The opportunity to connect with and learn about other artists as human beings has been the most spectacular part of the week for them.

Memorable Encounters

The artist mentions a few individuals they had the chance to meet. Noah KH, Warren Treaty, and Coco Jones all left a lasting impression. They describe Noah KH as a dear friend, while Warren Treaty and Coco Jones were incredibly warm, generous, and kind. The artist even confesses to falling in love with Coco Jones after watching her w mag ASMR. Meeting her in person was a dream come true.

Anticipating Unforgettable Performances

The artist expresses their excitement for the collaborations that take place on the Grammy stage. However, there’s one artist they consider their North Star: Joni Mitchell. Since discovering her music as a child, the artist has listened to her every day. The thought of seeing Joni Mitchell perform after a 24-year hiatus fills the artist with anticipation and nerves. They feel incredibly lucky to witness such a momentous occasion.

The Taylor Swift Connection

The artist is aware that Taylor Swift will be at the Grammys as well. They mention their admiration for Taylor’s fan base, lovingly known as the “swifties.” The artist describes them as having the greatest imaginations of any group of people they have ever known.

Then, the conversation takes a playful turn as they engage in a game called “Popular Taylor Swift Song or Popular Candle Scent.” The artist is given the names of various scents, and they have to guess if it’s a Taylor Swift song or a candle scent. They prove to be quite knowledgeable about Taylor’s discography, getting most of the answers right. However, they do stumble on one or two scents, which leads to a lighthearted moment.

Final Thoughts

The artist concludes by affirming their love for Taylor Swift and her incredible talent. They express gratitude for the opportunity to attend the Grammys and the chance to witness unforgettable performances. The artist’s excitement and admiration for their fellow musicians are palpable throughout the conversation.

Picture courtesy : Entertainment Tonight

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