Breaking News: 14-Year-Old Arrested for Gang-Related Activities


In a shocking turn of events, a 14-year-old boy has been arrested for gang-related activities in Santa Rosa. The Santa Rosa police gang crime team executed a search warrant at the boy’s residence and discovered a 3D printer, a ghost gun, handgun ammunition, and gang paraphernalia. The suspect was apprehended at Montgomery High School, where he was attending classes. This incident has raised concerns among students and parents, but the school administration has assured everyone of their commitment to maintaining a safe learning environment.

Unveiling the Details:

On the morning of the incident, the Santa Rosa police gang crime team arrived at the 2300 block of Summer Creek Drive armed with a subpoena. Their search led them to the 14-year-old boy’s residence, where they found a 3D printer capable of producing untraceable firearms known as ghost guns. Alongside the printer, they also discovered a handgun, ammunition, and various gang-related items.

However, to the surprise of the authorities, the suspect was not present at his home during the search. It was later determined that he was attending classes at Montgomery High School. The police coordinated with the school administration and discreetly apprehended the suspect, moving him from the classroom to a hallway for arrest. The 14-year-old was then taken to a juvenile detention facility.

Although a subsequent search of the suspect’s locker yielded more gang paraphernalia, no additional weapons were found. The school community was understandably shaken by the events, but many students expressed confidence in the school’s security measures.

Reassurance Amidst Concern:

On the Montgomery High School campus, students and parents shared their reactions to the arrest. While some admitted feeling a sense of concern, others emphasized the school’s proactive approach to ensuring safety.

“It is a little bit concerning, but for me, I know that the school has been taking a lot of action to make sure we’re safe,” one student remarked. “They were obviously really quick about it today.”

Another student, when asked if the incident would change their perception of attending school, responded, “Not really, no. It depends on how the brain works, you know?”

These sentiments reflect the resilience and determination of the Montgomery High School community. The school has faced adversity in the past, including a tragic incident where a student stabbed another inside a classroom. However, it is worth noting that the court ruled the act as self-defense.

Despite the recent events, many parents are still concerned about the safety of their children. One grandparent expressed their worries, stating, “I’m scared for my grandson and the other kids that go to school here. I think it’s terrible.” They also called for the presence of a police officer on campus to alleviate their fears.

Stay Informed:

This incident serves as a reminder that even seemingly quiet communities can face challenges related to gang activity. It is crucial for schools and law enforcement to work hand in hand to create a secure environment for students.

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