Breaking News: Brilliant Labs Launches Revolutionary Augmented Reality Glasses


Brilliant Labs has just launched their pre-order page for an incredibly sleek and minimalistic augmented reality set of glasses powered by AI. These glasses, which resemble normal eyewear, are taking a different approach compared to Apple’s bulky headset. The glasses are open source and come with a price tag of $349, making them an appealing alternative to the more expensive Apple Vision Pro.

The Future of Augmented Reality

In a surprising move, Brilliant Labs has entered the augmented reality industry with their innovative new product. These augmented reality glasses, powered by AI, aim to provide users with a seamless and immersive experience. Unlike Apple’s Vision Pro, which focuses on a bulky headset design, Brilliant Labs has opted for a more inconspicuous approach by creating glasses that closely resemble regular eyewear.

The Features

Despite their sleek appearance, these glasses are packed with impressive features. They include AR lenses, which enable users to view augmented reality content seamlessly. Additionally, if you require prescription lenses, Brilliant Labs offers the option to include them. The glasses utilize a micro OLED technology that projects images directly onto the lenses, creating a captivating visual experience.

The glasses are equipped with a single camera placed in the middle, allowing users to capture images and videos. The device also contains a board, magnet, and batteries. Charging is done through a unique and interesting method, ensuring that the glasses have all-day power.

The Power of Open Source

One of the most remarkable aspects of these glasses is that they are open source. This means that Brilliant Labs has made the code for their glasses available for anyone to access and modify. By embracing open source, they foster collaboration and innovation within the augmented reality community.

Not only is Perplexity, a company known for its cutting-edge AI solutions, partnering with Brilliant Labs, but Open AI is also providing its expertise to enhance the glasses’ capabilities. It remains to be seen if users will need separate accounts for both Perplexity and Open AI to take full advantage of the glasses’ features.

Price and Availability

Brilliant Labs has priced their augmented reality glasses at an affordable $349. Compared to the Apple Vision Pro, which comes with a higher price tag, this is an extremely enticing offer. The glasses can be pre-ordered directly from Brilliant Labs’ website.

Introducing Monacle

Brilliant Labs is no newcomer to the world of innovative technology. They have previously launched a product called Monacle, a single lens AI device that attaches to existing eyeglasses. While Monacle provided additional functionality, it had a nerdy aesthetic. It’s no surprise that Brilliant Labs has now moved on to a more sophisticated dual lens form factor.


Brilliant Labs’ launch of their augmented reality glasses signifies a shift in the industry towards more discreet and accessible AR technology. With sleek design, powerful features, and an affordable price point, these glasses are sure to attract attention from tech enthusiasts and everyday consumers alike. The combination of an open source approach and partnerships with AI companies demonstrates Brilliant Labs’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of augmented reality.

Will you be one of the early adopters of these cutting-edge glasses? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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