Breaking News: Earthquake Strikes Los Angeles

Points Summary

  • A magnitude 4.6 earthquake hit the Los Angeles area this afternoon.
  • The Los Angeles Fire Department has activated to conduct routine surveys.
  • City teams will continue to monitor for damages.

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Safe and take care! Alright, thank you so much, by the way, the big boss. Here in the city of LA, just a short time ago, the LA Mayor Karen Bass posted a message on social media about the city’s response to the earthquake. The mayor says, “A preliminary magnitude 4.6 earthquake near Balad shook the Los Angeles area this afternoon. The Los Angeles Fire Department, we’ve just been talking to, has activated to conduct its routine survey. The city also says that any damages will continue to be monitored.”

Preparing for an Earthquake

Rick Scott also advises getting your emergency kit together and organizing things for your family. Make an emergency list of what you need and keep the 3-1-1 number, which is not for emergencies, clear unless it is a definite emergency. If something is happening in your neighborhood that needs to be fixed or you want to let the city know about it, call 3-1-1. In Texas, they have been receiving calls from both co-workers and viewers. They want to immediately report any earthquake-related incidents.

Firsthand Experience

Nina, a Pepperdine student in the affected area, shares her experience. She was working at an elementary school right next to the Pepperdine campus. When the earthquake struck, she was with some of her elementary school kids. She explains, “We were just on the field playing soccer when I could actually feel the ground shake before the big shaking started. All of our fences shook and all of the cars around our campus started going off with alarms.”

Reactions of the Kids

Nina mentions that most of the kids were pretty unfazed and didn’t even know it was an earthquake. They thought it was something else. In terms of emergency sessions at the school, Nina says they have earthquake drills throughout the year. However, since all of their kids were outside, they made sure they were away from anything that could fall on them. The kids seem to be okay with no injuries reported.

Returning to Normalcy

Fortunately, there were no injuries at Nina’s school, and everything went back to normal. The kids returned to their classes and continued with their activities for the day. They are doing okay, mentally and physically.

A Whole Different Sensation

Nina explains that she had never been outside during an earthquake before. This was her first time experiencing it, and it felt like a whole different sensation. She had felt small tremors before, but this time she could feel the ground shaking before the bigger shaking occurred.

Impact in Different Areas

The earthquake hit the Malibu area, but it was felt across the region. Even people in Fontana and Long Beach reported feeling the quake. Sky 5 provided live images from above the Malibu area, showing a beautiful view. The recent rains have made everything green, but the ground has become unstable.

Staying Safe After the Earthquake

There haven’t been any reports of damage so far, but precautionary measures are still necessary. LA City Fire goes into earthquake mode after such incidents. They conduct surveys from the sky, covering a vast area of 470 square miles, looking for damages and potential dangers like boulders that could come down in certain areas. Eric Scott from LA City Fire advises driving slower in affected areas and being cautious due to the saturated ground and potential aftershocks.

Gas and Water Safety

During earthquakes, gas lines and water supplies can be affected. Residents are advised to check for any strong gas odors and leave the premises immediately if they sense any danger. It’s important to know where the gas shut-off valve is located and how to turn it off if necessary. The same precautions apply to water lines and power lines, which could be down after an earthquake. Fallen power lines and broken gas lines can be hazardous and should be reported to the authorities.

Being Prepared for the Big One

Rick Scott and Craig Chamberlain from SoCal Gas emphasize the importance of being prepared for a major earthquake. They stress the need to secure objects inside buildings, be aware of trees and structures that could pose a danger, and have emergency kits and supplies ready. Even though a magnitude 4.6 earthquake may not cause significant damage, it serves as a reminder to be prepared for larger quakes that could potentially occur in the future.


While the recent earthquake in Los Angeles caused minimal damage, it serves as a wake-up call to the importance of earthquake preparedness. The city’s response to the quake has been swift, with the Los Angeles Fire Department conducting routine surveys and monitoring for damages. Residents are advised to stay vigilant, report any incidents, and be prepared for future earthquakes. By taking necessary precautions and being aware of potential dangers, individuals and communities can better protect themselves during seismic events.

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