Breaking News: The Truth Behind Korean-Canadian Adoptions

Points Summary:

  • 500 children a month are exported for adoption with government approval
  • Adoption papers of Korean-Canadian adoptees were likely falsified
  • Reunions with biological families are happening


Every month, 500 children in Korea are exported for adoption with government approval. This practice was illegal in the past, but the shocking truth is that it has continued to happen. Innocent children are being stripped of their identities and shipped to Canada, where their adoption papers are filled with lies. The story of these so-called paper orphans has sparked something in the Korean-Canadian adoptee community, leading to much-needed conversations and reunions.

A Community in the Fog

Korean-Canadian adoptees, referred to as paper orphans, are coming together to share their experiences. The fog of uncertainty surrounding their adoptions is slowly lifting as they discover the truth about their past. These adoptees are finding comfort and support in their fellow adoptees, as they navigate through the complexities of their identities.

A Shocking Revelation

Since the story about paper orphans came out, countless Canadians have reached out with their own stories. One such story that stood out is that of Miwa Taylor. Adopted at the age of four, Miwa grew up believing she was an orphan. However, at the age of 53, after seeing the story about paper orphans, she reached out and discovered that her adoption papers were likely falsified.

An Unexpected Connection

Miwa’s attention was drawn to the story because of Leia Kim Brighton, an adoptee herself. Leia, who had also believed she was an orphan for half her life, eventually reunited with her biological parents. She now devotes herself to helping others discover their true identities. Miwa was filled with hope when she saw Leia’s story, as it mirrored her own experiences.

A Longing for Truth

With Leia’s assistance, Miwa decided to take a DNA test to find out the truth. Within weeks, she received a match. Miwa discovered that she had two biological sisters. This revelation shook her to the core. She had grown up believing she had no family, only to find out that she had siblings who had been searching for her for decades.

A Heartbreaking Revelation

As Miwa connected with her sisters, she learned the heartbreaking truth about her past. Her mother had passed away when she was only three years old, leaving her father and grandmother to make a difficult decision. They took Miwa to an orphanage, hoping that she would have a better life. However, this decision caused immense pain for her father, who was unaware of their plans and spent most of his life searching for his lost daughter.

A Lifelong Reunion

After years of separation, the moment of reunion finally arrived. Miwa, her sisters, and her mother all agreed to meet. The emotions were overwhelming as they embraced each other for the first time in 50 years. The resemblance between Miwa and her father was uncanny, bringing tears of joy and healing to the family.

A Journey of Healing

For Miwa, this reunion was a turning point in her life. She had spent years convincing herself that she didn’t need to know her roots to be a whole person. However, the reunion allowed her to confront the dark holes in her past and find healing. It was a transformative moment that she describes as the most significant in her life.


The truth behind Korean-Canadian adoptions is being uncovered, bringing both joy and pain to those involved. The reunions between adoptees and their biological families are a testament to the resilience and strength of the human spirit. As more adoptees come forward, it is crucial to continue the conversation and support those who are still searching for their true identities.

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