Breaking News: Mayor Adams Expands Curfew for Migrant Shelters

Summary Points:

  • The curfew for migrant shelters in New York City is being expanded to include 20 additional centers.
  • Migrants will be required to be in the shelters by 11 PM.
  • The curfew changes come in response to recent incidents of crime and violence involving migrants.
  • Exceptions to the curfew will be made for work, school, medical needs, and emergencies.
  • The curfew is aimed at prioritizing the health and safety of both asylum seekers and New Yorkers.

In a response to the ongoing migrant crisis, Mayor Adams has announced an expansion of the curfew for migrant shelters in New York City. The curfew, which was originally implemented last month, required migrants to be in the shelters by a certain time. However, due to recent incidents of crime and violence involving migrants, these curfew rules are being extended to include 20 more centers.

One of the shelters that will be impacted by this curfew expansion is located in Long Island City, Queens. This particular shelter houses nearly a thousand single adult males and accounts for more than 25% of the migrant population affected by the curfew. Starting tonight, a citywide curfew will be in effect from 11 PM to 6 AM at a total of 20 emergency shelters housing migrants, impacting roughly 3600 asylum seekers.

The curfew will apply to 11 shelters in Manhattan, four in Queens, three in the Bronx, and two in Brooklyn. City officials decided to place a curfew on these shelters last month in response to complaints from the surrounding neighborhoods. The goal of the curfew is to prioritize the health and safety of both asylum seekers and New Yorkers, as well as to allow for more efficient bed capacity management.

While the curfew expansion is seen as a necessary step to address the ongoing migrant crisis, it comes at a time when there has been a spate of migrant-related crime and violence. Just last week, a 15-year-old migrant from Venezuela was arrested after opening fire inside a sports store in Times Square. The shooting occurred after an employee caught him shoplifting, and the teenager then proceeded to fire at officers who were closing in on him. A 37-year-old woman was injured during the incident.

In addition to this incident, several migrant suspects were arrested on grand larceny charges in connection with a theft ring allegedly run by a 30-year-old individual from Venezuela named Victor Parra, who is currently still on the run. Police believe Parra would send out messages via WhatsApp, instructing the group on what to steal. Over the past two months, dozens of victims have been robbed as a result of this operation.

Furthermore, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg recently handed down seven indictments to a group of migrants accused of assaulting two police officers in Times Square on January 27th. The incident was captured on the officers’ body cameras. Bragg faced initial backlash for allowing some of the suspects to walk without bail, but his office is actively working to identify three more individuals believed to be involved in the assault.

It is important to note that when the curfew policy was first implemented last month, the city had made it clear that there would be consequences for not obeying the rules. Those who do not have a valid exemption may face being kicked out of the shelters after three strikes.

As the migrant crisis continues to unfold, city officials are taking steps to address the challenges and ensure the safety and well-being of both migrants and the local community. The expanded curfew for migrant shelters is just one of these measures aimed at managing the situation more effectively. Time will tell how these efforts will shape the outcomes for all parties involved.

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