Busted: The Escalating Crisis on the Texas Border

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There has been an escalating crisis on the Texas border, and it’s causing major concerns. The collapse of the border deal on Capitol Hill and the initial failure by Republicans to impeach the Secretary of Homeland Security have contributed to the situation. This crisis comes just a few weeks before the start of the primary early voting, and many believe it’s not a coincidence. Let’s dive deeper into what’s happening and why it’s such a big deal.

The Political Volatility

The political volatility surrounding this crisis has intensified from bad to worse. Some people believe that former President Trump intentionally sabotaged the bipartisan proposal in order to make a statement. His supporters argue that the so-called invasion needed to be addressed, even if it meant worsening the situation temporarily. Others, however, see this as an abdication of responsibility by Republicans and a hypocritical act of political gamesmanship ahead of the November 5th election.

While the compromise could have provided temporary relief by allocating resources for border security, it was ultimately rejected. This decision has given the cartels a green light to continue their illegal activities without any hindrance. The consequences of this are yet to be seen, but it’s clear that the situation has become even more complicated.

The Border Deal

The proposed Senate border deal was endorsed by the Border Patrol Union as a better-than-nothing solution. However, critics argue that it would have allowed about 35,000 illegal crossings a week before a shutdown order could be issued. This number is equivalent to the population of towns like Hutto, Claiborne, and Lake Jackson, which would essentially be entering the country illegally every week.

Governor Abbott’s Plan

In anticipation of the inaction on Capitol Hill, Governor Abbott has come up with his own expansion plan. Regardless of whether a bill was passed or not, Abbott was determined to address the border crisis. He even claimed that Texas has put up more border walls and barriers than Donald Trump himself. This is seen as a big win for Abbott and a reflection of his commitment to protecting the border.

A Fractured Republican Party

However, the recent infighting within the Republican party, both federally and at the state level, has exposed a big fracture. Lawmakers who were once advocating for practical progress on the border are now divided. Some question the commitment of their own party to address the crisis, while others believe that the proposed compromise was not what the country deserved.

President Biden offered no policy concessions for pragmatic Republicans to hang their vote on. This lack of action and unity among elected leaders from both sides of the aisle is disheartening. It seems that immediate measures to reduce the ongoing threat are not a priority for them.

A Flawed Process

The House passed its first border bill, but it went nowhere in the Senate. Democratic State House Representative Eddie Morales, who initially supported Operation Lone Star, has criticized Governor Abbott for using the border crisis for political gain. He believes that there have been more press conferences than actual policy fixes.

However, it’s important to recognize that there is no perfect bill. Politics will always play a role, and compromises will have to be made. Something is better than nothing, and it’s crucial to address the border crisis sooner rather than later.


The escalating crisis on the Texas border is a major concern for both Texans and Americans as a whole. The collapse of the border deal, the lack of unity within the Republican party, and the ongoing political volatility have only worsened the situation. Immediate action and real-time measures are needed to reduce the flow of illegal entry and drugs.

While it’s disheartening to see the lack of progress and unity among elected leaders, it’s important to remain engaged and informed. The primary election season is heating up, and the border will continue to be a hot topic. Stay tuned for more updates on this pressing issue.


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