Breaking News: Prime Minister’s “Arrive Scam” App Under Fire for Wasted Funds and Corruption


The Prime Minister of Canada is facing criticism for spending over $60 million on an app called “Arrive Scam” that was unnecessary, ineffective, and plagued with corruption. The app, which was intended to assist with quarantine measures, failed to deliver on its promises and ended up costing taxpayers 750 times more than initially estimated. Additionally, 75% of the contractors involved in the project did not contribute any work, further adding to the wastefulness of the program. This scandal raises concerns about the Prime Minister’s judgment, as well as his commitment to transparency and accountability.

The Costly “Arrive Scam” App:

The “Arrive Scam” app was introduced by the Canadian government as a solution to manage quarantine measures and prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, it quickly became apparent that the app was a colossal waste of taxpayer money. Despite warnings that the app was unnecessary and ineffective, the Prime Minister proceeded with its development, resulting in a staggering cost overrun.

Initially projected to cost $80,000, the app’s actual price tag exceeded $60 million, as confirmed by the auditor general. This massive discrepancy highlights serious mismanagement of funds and raises questions about the government’s ability to handle taxpayer money responsibly. The Prime Minister’s decision to prioritize this app over more pressing issues, such as border security and supporting struggling Canadians, is deeply concerning.

Crippling Corruption:

The “Arrive Scam” app also exposed a disturbing level of corruption within the government. The auditor general’s report revealed that 75% of the contractors involved in the project did not perform any work. Instead, they used taxpayer money to purchase luxuries like whiskey and other indulgences for top liberal government officials.

Furthermore, the contracting process was heavily biased toward a favored company, GC Strategies, which was awarded the contract without fair competition. This blatant favoritism and lack of transparency raise serious doubts about the Prime Minister’s commitment to serving the best interests of Canadians. It appears that the Prime Minister has been more interested in lining the pockets of his insiders than in delivering value to the taxpayers who foot the bill.

An Audit of Accountability:

Following the revelations about the wastefulness and corruption surrounding the “Arrive Scam” app, the Canadian Border Services Agency launched an internal audit into the allegations. The audit aimed to identify any instances of inappropriate contracting practices and ensure that those responsible would be held accountable.

The government has stated that anyone found to have violated contracting rules will face consequences. However, the opposition leader is calling for the Prime Minister himself to be held accountable, as he had the authority to initiate and approve the “Arrive Scam” app. By neglecting his duty to exercise due diligence and ignoring warnings about the app’s flaws, the Prime Minister demonstrated a lack of judgment and a disregard for taxpayers’ money.

Ensuring Transparency and Efficiency:

In response to the auditor general’s report, the government has promised to implement several measures to prevent similar incidents in the future. These measures include clearly defining tasks and deliverables in professional services contracts and ensuring fairness, efficiency, and transparency in the contracting process.

While these steps are a positive development, many Canadians remain skeptical about the government’s ability to deliver on its promises. The “Arrive Scam” app scandal has shaken public trust and highlighted the need for stronger oversight and accountability mechanisms within the government.


The “Arrive Scam” app debacle has exposed a troubling pattern of wastefulness and corruption within the Canadian government. The Prime Minister’s decision to invest over $60 million in an unnecessary and ineffective app raises serious questions about his judgment and priorities. Additionally, the revelation that 75% of the contractors involved did no work, and the favoritism shown to insiders, demonstrates a lack of transparency and accountability.

As Canadians struggle to make ends meet, it is crucial that taxpayer money is used responsibly and efficiently. The “Arrive Scam” app represents a failure of leadership and a betrayal of the trust placed in the government. Moving forward, it is essential that stricter oversight measures are implemented to prevent similar incidents and to restore public faith in the government’s ability to serve the best interests of its citizens.

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