Breaking News: Pro Palestinian Protest Outside Mount  Sinai Hospital


  • A pro Palestinian protest took place outside of Mount Si Hospital in Toronto.
  • The protest was condemned by doctors and officials.
  • Toronto police are investigating the incidents that occurred during the demonstration.
  • Premier Doug Ford expressed his disapproval of the protest.
  • Prime Minister Trudeau condemned the display of anti-Semitism.

Yesterday, a pro Palestinian protest took place outside of MountSinai Hospital in Toronto. The demonstration, which involved a crowd carrying signs and waving Palestinian flags, has raised concerns among doctors and officials.

Targeting Places of Healing

Several doctors have spoken out against the demonstration, stating that places of healing should not be targeted for protests. They argue that hospitals are meant to save lives and provide care, not to be venues for political displays or intimidation.

In response to the events, the Toronto Police Service has announced an increase in their presence along Hospital Row. They stated that interfering with the operations of a hospital is not acceptable.

Investigation and Potential Charges

The Toronto Police Service is currently investigating several incidents that occurred in front of MountSinaiand  Hospital during the demonstration route. While no arrests were made at the time due to safety concerns, investigations will continue, and charges may be laid at a later date.

Premier Doug Ford’s Reaction

Premier Doug Ford expressed his disapproval of the protest during an event. He called it “absolutely terrible” and emphasized the importance of respecting hospitals. Ford mentioned that Mount Si Hospital had played a significant role in saving his brother’s life, highlighting the invaluable services provided by hospitals across the province.

He also criticized the federal government for allowing protests near hospitals and urged people to exercise decency and common sense. Ford’s remarks reflect the sentiment that hospitals are essential institutions dedicated to saving lives, and their significance should not be undermined by protests.

Prime Minister Trudeau’s Condemnation

Prime Minister Trudeau took to social media to condemn the demonstration at Mount Si Hospital. In a tweet, he described the protest as “reprehensible” and emphasized that hospitals are places for treatment and care, not for protests and intimidation.

Trudeau further expressed his condemnation of the display of anti-Semitism, stating that he stands with Jewish communities in Toronto and across Canada. His statement highlights the importance of unity and solidarity in the face of hate.

As the investigation continues, the incident at Mount Si Hospital serves as a reminder of the need to respect places of healing and the people they serve. Hospitals play a vital role in society, and it is essential to ensure that their operations are not disrupted by demonstrations or acts of intimidation.

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