Breaking News: South Asian Community in Canada Experiencing Extortion and Arson Crimes


Last night, a community meeting in Edmonton was filled to capacity as hundreds of individuals from the city’s South Asian community gathered to learn about the steps being taken by the local police to ensure their safety. Since October, home builders and other South Asian business owners have been victimized by a series of arson and extortion attempts, leading to growing concerns about the safety of their families, businesses, and properties.

Increase in Extortion Crimes

The Edmonton Police have reported that they have already made several arrests related to over 30 criminal incidents. However, they do not believe that all of these cases are connected. Edmonton is not alone in facing this issue, as at least three other Canadian cities have also seen a sudden surge in extortion crimes targeting the South Asian community since late last year.

Concerned Authorities Respond

In response to the escalating crisis, the Ontario Peel Regional Police have established a special task force to investigate these extortion crimes. Conservative leader Pierre PV held a press conference in Sur BC on Friday, blaming federal “Catch and Release” policies for the problem and vowing to implement mandatory jail time for those convicted of extortion crimes. The mayors of Brampton, Su, and Edmonton have also sought assistance from the federal government due to the involvement of international organized crime and the widespread instances of extortion across Canada.

Community Leaders Encourage Reporting

Community leaders are urging anyone who has been targeted to come forward and share their experiences with the police and government. This will help law enforcement agencies and policymakers gain a comprehensive understanding of the magnitude of this issue. It is crucial for affected individuals to report these crimes so that appropriate actions can be taken to address and prevent further victimization.


The recent wave of extortion and arson crimes against the South Asian community in Canada is a matter of great concern. It not only poses a threat to the personal safety and security of individuals and their families but also undermines the overall well-being of the community. The steps taken by law enforcement agencies, along with the support from government officials and community leaders, signal a collective effort to combat this issue and provide justice to the affected individuals.

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