Deportation and Border Security: Understanding the Issues


In recent years, immigration and border security have become hot topics in political discussions. One of the prominent figures in this conversation is former President Donald Trump. During his time in office, Trump implemented various policies and initiatives to address the challenges of illegal immigration and secure the border.

The Issue of Deportation

One of the questions frequently raised by voters was how Trump planned to deport millions of people, particularly during the Biden administration. Trump’s approach focused on identifying individuals with criminal records and those who posed a threat to public safety. He proposed working with local police to track down and apprehend individuals who had entered the country illegally.

Trump praised the efforts of local police, highlighting their knowledge of their communities and their ability to identify individuals who may be undocumented. He even coined the term “migrant crime” to describe a new category of criminal activity that he believed would be exacerbated by illegal immigration.

The former president expressed concern about the rise in violent crimes committed by migrants, citing instances of attacks on law enforcement officers in cities like New York. He emphasized the need to address this issue, stating that the individuals entering the country illegally were not necessarily sending their best and brightest.

Chinese Nationals and Border Security

During an interview, Trump was informed about the apprehension of 452 Chinese nationals by the Customs and Border Patrol in just three days. When asked if this concerned him more than other immigrant groups, Trump speculated that China may be sending individuals to build an army within the United States.

Trump highlighted the significant number of young males among the Chinese nationals entering the country and questioned their motives. He juxtaposed this situation with the bombing incidents in Yemen and criticized the lack of respect received for his efforts to combat terrorism.

A Multitude of Immigration Challenges

Trump acknowledged that the United States faced immigration challenges from various regions, including China, Yemen, and the Congo. He recounted an interview where a Congolese individual revealed that they had lived in prison before coming to the United States. Trump expressed his concerns about the potential risks associated with emptying prisons and allowing those individuals into the country.

Trump’s Approach to Border Security

When asked about his plans for the border if he were to become president again, Trump outlined two key priorities. First, he vowed to implement a policy of increasing domestic oil production, commonly known as “drill baby drill.” Second, he emphasized the importance of regaining control over the border.

Trump claimed that his administration had achieved the safest border in recorded history through various measures, including the construction of border walls and cooperation with Mexico. He credited individuals like Tom Homan and Brandon Judd for their contributions to border security.

Furthermore, Trump criticized the bipartisan border deal that he opposed during his presidency, stating that it allowed for the entry of 5,000 people per week. He argued that the deal was too complex and favored the opposing side. According to Trump, the border needed strong legislation to address the issue effectively.

The Prospects of Biden’s Executive Order

Trump expressed skepticism about President Biden’s ability to address the border issue through executive orders. He stated that he believed Biden lacked the executive authority to make substantial changes. While Biden had hinted at the possibility of implementing an executive order to clamp down on illegal immigration, Trump doubted its effectiveness.

In conclusion, the issue of deportation and border security remains a significant concern for many Americans. Former President Donald Trump highlighted his approach to addressing these challenges during his time in office. While the conversation continues, it is essential to consider multiple perspectives and explore comprehensive solutions to ensure the safety and security of the United States.

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