Improving Performance and Connectivity: The Journey of a Striker


In the world of football, improvement is a constant goal for teams and players alike. Whether it’s catching up to competitors, fine-tuning performance levels, or fostering better connectivity on the pitch, the journey towards success is an ongoing process. This blog explores the challenges and growth of a young striker, highlighting the importance of resilience, mentorship, and hard work.

The Quest for Improvement

Despite the progress made, there is a recognition that there is still a long way to go. The team acknowledges that they are not yet in the desired position and their performance levels have room for improvement. Hard work is emphasized as the key to bridging the gap and achieving the desired goals.

The Exciting Combinations

Within the team, there have been glimpses of exciting combinations, particularly between Garo and Hland. Their partnership shows promise and is seen as a good pairing. However, the belief is that there is more potential within the entire front line, especially with Bruno in the back. The understanding and connection between the players create a strong foundation, but there is still room for growth and improvement.

The Importance of Chemistry

Connectivity and chemistry play vital roles in a team’s success. The current chemistry on the pitch is acknowledged, but it is also recognized that there is still work to be done in this aspect. The team is focused on developing and enhancing the connectivity between the players to further strengthen their performance.

The Journey of a Striker

The journey of a striker is often filled with ups and downs. For Hland, his initial efforts were met with challenges as the goals were not coming. However, his dedication and hard work remained unwavering. The coach’s message during this difficult period was to encourage him to keep doing the right things and to continue getting into the right positions. The belief was that the goals would eventually come.

From Frustration to Success

The frustration of not scoring can sometimes lead a player to try even harder. Hland’s desperation to perform well for his team and to score goals became apparent. This increased effort, while admirable, can also create additional pressure. The coach recognized the need to mentor and guide the player during this time, providing support and reassurance.

Resilience and Character

Hland’s journey showcases his strong character and resilience. From the moment he was scouted, these qualities were evident. His determination and willingness to work hard were undeniable. The team believed in his potential and understood that the goals would eventually come.

Mentorship and Coaching

During challenging times, mentorship and coaching play crucial roles in a player’s development. The coach’s message to Hland remained consistent throughout his goal drought – to relax and trust in his abilities. The focus was on encouraging the player and reminding him that he was doing the right things. Now that the goals have started flowing, the message shifts towards maintaining the positive momentum and continuing to improve.


The journey of a striker is a testament to the power of resilience, mentorship, and hard work. Hland’s story showcases the importance of maintaining belief in oneself, even during difficult times. With the right support and guidance, players can overcome challenges and achieve their goals. As the team continues to work hard and improve their connectivity, success becomes an increasingly achievable goal.

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