Addressing Serious Dog Attacks in Toronto: Proposed Measures


Toronto’s Economic and Community Development Committee is set to review a report today that aims to tackle the issue of serious dog attacks in the city. The recommendations outlined in the report come in response to a number of incidents that have occurred over the past few years. In an effort to ensure public safety and raise awareness about the issue, the report suggests several measures that could be implemented.

Publication of a List of Known Dangerous Dogs

One of the proposed measures is the publication of a list containing the names of known dangerous dogs in Toronto. By making this information accessible to the public, individuals will be better equipped to identify potentially dangerous animals and take appropriate precautions. This transparency aims to prevent future incidents and promote a safer environment for both residents and their pets.

Enforcement of Signage on Properties

To further enhance public safety, the report recommends the enforcement of signage on properties where owners of dangerous dogs reside. These signs would serve as a visual reminder to visitors and passersby, alerting them to the presence of a potentially aggressive animal. This measure aims to minimize the risk of unexpected encounters and provides an additional layer of protection for the community.

Public Education Campaign

In an effort to raise awareness and educate the public about responsible dog ownership, the report proposes the implementation of a comprehensive public education campaign. This campaign would aim to inform individuals about proper training techniques, responsible pet care, and the importance of socializing and supervising dogs. By promoting responsible ownership, the hope is to reduce the number of incidents and foster a more harmonious coexistence between dogs and humans in the city.

Summary Points

  • Publication of a list of known dangerous dogs
  • Enforcement of signage on properties of owners with dangerous dogs
  • Rolling out a public education campaign on responsible dog ownership

Benefits and Potential Impact

The implementation of these proposed measures could have several positive outcomes for the community. By publishing a list of known dangerous dogs, individuals will have access to information that can help them make informed decisions when interacting with unfamiliar animals. This knowledge can prevent potential incidents and contribute to a safer environment.

The enforcement of signage on properties where dangerous dogs reside serves as a visual reminder to exercise caution in those areas. This measure not only protects the public but also encourages responsible dog ownership by holding owners accountable for their pets’ behavior.

The public education campaign is an essential component of addressing the issue of serious dog attacks. By educating individuals about the responsibilities and best practices associated with owning a dog, the campaign aims to minimize the occurrence of incidents due to lack of knowledge or understanding. Increased awareness can lead to improved safety for both humans and animals.

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Publication of Known Dangerous DogsMake a list of dangerous dogs public to increase awareness
Enforcement of SignageRequire signage on properties with dangerous dogs
Public Education CampaignRaise awareness about responsible dog ownership through a campaign


For more information on responsible dog ownership and safety tips, please visit our Dog Safety Page.

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