Understanding the Border Crisis in California: A Closer Look


The current situation at the southern border of the United States has raised significant concerns among the public and policymakers. While Texas has focused on securing its borders with razor wire and shipping containers, California presents a different scenario. In this blog, we will take a closer look at the border crisis in California, particularly in the Jacumba area, and the impact it has on the state and the nation as a whole.

California: A Sanctuary State

Unlike Texas, California is known as a sanctuary state, where city officials and local police are not allowed to cooperate with federal authorities in detaining migrants. Furthermore, on January 1, California became the first state to offer free health insurance to illegal migrants. This combination of factors has made California an attractive destination for individuals seeking a better life and economic opportunities.

The Chinese Nationals Crossing the Border

One of the striking aspects of the border crisis in California is the significant number of Chinese nationals crossing the southern border. According to recent reports, there have been approximately 21,000 Chinese nationals who have crossed into the United States through the southern border, with more than 20,000 of them entering the Jacumba sector alone.

The Lack of Vetting and Screening

Unlike Texas, where there are some measures in place for vetting and screening individuals crossing the border, the situation in California, particularly in the San Diego sector, is concerning. Many Chinese nationals are bypassing the necessary checks and hitting the terror screening database. This raises serious national security concerns.

The Disposal of ID Cards

To further complicate the situation, Chinese nationals who have been granted temporary asylum in Mexico often discard their ID cards and temporary visa cards along the border. Their ultimate goal is to enter the United States, take advantage of the free health insurance offered in California, and be released into the country. It is estimated that a significant number of these individuals will be allowed to stay, creating potential challenges for immigration authorities.

The Concerns and Implications

The influx of Chinese nationals crossing the southern border has raised multiple concerns for US officials. Aside from the potential security risks, there are worries about the involvement of the Chinese Communist Party and their espionage activities. While not all Chinese nationals may have malicious intentions, it is essential to acknowledge that China is a major perpetrator of intellectual property theft. The entry of individuals seeking computer jobs raises concerns about the theft of intellectual property.

Looking Ahead

The situation at the southern border, particularly in California, requires immediate attention and action. It is evident that individuals coming to the United States for economic opportunities and jobs do not qualify for asylum. Addressing the border crisis necessitates a comprehensive approach that focuses on border security, immigration policies, and cooperation between federal and local authorities.


The border crisis in California, specifically in the Jacumba area, presents unique challenges. With the state being a sanctuary state and offering free health insurance to illegal migrants, it has attracted a significant number of Chinese nationals seeking a better life and economic opportunities. The lack of vetting and screening, along with the potential national security implications, demands immediate attention. Addressing the border crisis requires a balanced approach that considers both national security and humanitarian aspects.

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