The Tragic Valentine’s Day Mass Shooting in Kansas City

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On a very big night in the news, Special Counsel Jack Smith has filed his brief with the Supreme Court opposing Donald Trump’s quest for total immunity. Republicans are licking their wounds after yet another election defeat, and Maryland Senator Chris Van Holland joins me after his powerful floor speech accusing Israel of a textbook war crime in Gaza. But we begin tonight with Peak America today in downtown Kansas City, Missouri, a Valentine’s Day mass shooting erupted as the city was celebrating its third Super Bowl title in Five Seasons. A tragic but not so surprising end to what should have been a dynasty cementing moment for Kansas City football. Instead, today is seared in American memory for a very different and gruesome reason.

Summary Points

  • 22 people were injured, including some children
  • 3 people are detained, at least one person is dead
  • Missouri has appallingly weak gun laws and one of the country’s highest gun death rates
  • Missouri ranks 48 out of 50 in terms of gun law strength
  • There are no domestic violence gun laws or assault weapons restrictions in Missouri
  • Missouri is a shall-issue state, meaning obtaining a gun is relatively easy
  • Missouri also has a stand your ground law

The Reality of Gun Violence in America

Police say shots were fired as soon as the rally concluded in downtown Kansas City. This tragic event highlights the harsh reality of gun violence in America. In a country where football should be king, it is guns that reign supreme. If the presence of lots of guns made people safer, Missouri would be the safest place on Earth. However, Missouri has appallingly weak gun laws and one of the highest gun death rates in the country.

Since 2017, Missouri has allowed people to carry concealed loaded firearms in public without a background check or permit. The state does not enforce universal background checks, gun owner licensing, or extreme risk protection orders. There are also no domestic violence gun laws or assault weapons restrictions. Missouri is a shall-issue state, meaning if you want a gun, you shall be sold it, no matter what. Open carry and concealed carry of firearms without a permit is also allowed.

The lax gun laws in Missouri have contributed to a culture of violence and a sense of insecurity in public spaces. The tragic mass shooting on Valentine’s Day is just one of many incidents that have occurred in the state. It is clear that something needs to change.

The Devastating Impact on Children

One of the most heartbreaking aspects of gun violence is the impact it has on children. Today’s mass shooting occurred during a celebration, where families and children were gathered to enjoy the festivities. The presence of guns turned what should have been a joyous occasion into a scene of panic, fear, and chaos.

Children in America are growing up with the constant threat of gun violence. They are taught to run, hide, and, in some cases, fight back in the face of an active shooter. This should not be the normal way of life for our children. It is time for lawmakers to take action and create a safer environment for our kids.

Legislative Action and Responsibility

Representative Manuel Abara IV, a legislator in Jackson County, Missouri, was present at the parade with his young daughter. He expressed his determination to take immediate action and push for gun legislation in response to this tragedy. He emphasized the need for Democrats to act in a state with terrible gun laws, and he called for the removal of elected officials who refuse to address gun violence.

However, the responsibility does not solely lie with legislators. The voters of Missouri also play a crucial role in creating change. It is essential for the people of the state to elect officials who are committed to enacting sensible gun laws and prioritizing the safety of their constituents.

The Supreme Court and Trump’s Request for Immunity

In other news, Special Counsel Jack Smith wasted no time responding to the Supreme Court over Donald Trump’s request for a stay in his ongoing efforts to delay his federal election interference case with the claim of presidential immunity. Smith’s brief argued against Trump’s claims, stating that they find no support in constitutional text, separation of powers principles, history, or logic.

The brief highlighted the irreparable harm that would be caused to democracy if Trump’s claims of absolute immunity were upheld or further delayed. It emphasized the importance of presidential accountability and the need to prevent the subversion of constitutional procedures for transferring power. Smith’s response sets the stage for further legal proceedings and a potential Supreme Court review of the case.


The Valentine’s Day mass shooting in Kansas City serves as a stark reminder of the devastating impact of gun violence in America. It is a tragedy that highlights the urgent need for comprehensive gun control measures and responsible legislative action. The lax gun laws in Missouri, coupled with the prevalence of firearms, create an unsafe environment for both residents and visitors.

It is time for lawmakers and voters alike to prioritize the safety of their communities and work towards creating a society where mass shootings are not a regular occurrence. The Supreme Court’s response to Trump’s request for immunity will also shed light on the accountability of public officials and the preservation of democracy.

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