Truck Drivers Threaten Boycott Amidst Unfair Justice System Concerns


In a recent turn of events, some truck drivers, who are also staunch supporters of former President Trump, have expressed their discontent with what they perceive as an unfair justice system. These truck drivers are planning a boycott that could potentially have a major impact not only on New York City but also on the entire country. This blog delves into the details of this boycott and explores its potential implications.

The Boycott and Its Potential Consequences

If truck drivers were to follow through with their plan to boycott New York City, the ramifications could be severe and far-reaching. Not only would New York City suffer, but a significant number of communities across the country would also be affected. Supermarkets, big-box stores, and various businesses heavily reliant on trucking would be among the first to feel the pinch. With approximately 90% of communities in New York City relying heavily on trucking for the movement of goods, the impact of this boycott could be devastating.

Every day, hundreds, if not thousands, of trucks can be seen crossing the George Washington Bridge from New Jersey into the city. This constant flow of trucks demonstrates just how integral trucking is to New York City’s economy. However, one man, known as Chicago Ray, has taken it upon himself to urge truck drivers to avoid New York City following former President Trump’s recent multi-million dollar fine. His call to action has gained significant attention, with over 6 million views and 60,000 likes on his post.

Support for the Boycott

Although it is difficult to determine the exact number of drivers answering Chicago Ray’s call and the subsequent impact it may have, there are scattered expressions of support for his cause all across the country. Chicago Ray’s video even caught the attention of former President Trump himself, who reposted it on his social media platform, Truth Social. However, it should be noted that this boycott is not an organized effort, but rather a collection of individual truck drivers expressing solidarity with Chicago Ray and their grievances against the justice system.

Attempts were made to reach out to the Teamsters Union, which represents many truck drivers, but no response was received. Similarly, the National Supermarket Association, based in New York City, was also contacted, but failed to provide a response. This further highlights the fragmented nature of this movement.

Reasons Behind the Boycott

Chicago Ray and other truckers are furious over the verdict handed down by Judge Arthur And Orange, which resulted in a fine of over $3.155 million against former President Trump for fraud. They view this verdict as a form of election interference and believe it is unjust. One truck driver, who wishes to remain anonymous, explained her decision to join the boycott:

“It’s not about hurting the people of New York. That’s not what I’m trying to do. But if this boycott goes as planned, New York City will suffer. Just a 10% reduction in the number of trucks going into the city will cause prices to skyrocket on everything. When that happens, it’s going to cost everybody more money.”

Counterarguments and Dissent

While there are truck drivers who are supportive of Chicago Ray’s efforts, it is important to note that not all truck drivers share the same sentiments. Some drivers have responded by stating that they will not support the former president because of the accusations leveled against him and his subsequent liability.


The potential boycott by truck drivers against New York City serves as a stark reminder of the deep divisions and frustrations within certain segments of society. The outcome of this boycott remains uncertain, and it is unclear how many truck drivers will participate. However, one thing is clear: this boycott has the potential to significantly impact New York City and the wider country. For now, all eyes are on the trucking community as they navigate their way through this complex and controversial issue.

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