Abuse of Power and Corruption: The Troubling State of American Politics


In a recent interview, Tom Fitton, the President of Judicial Watch, discussed the verdict against Donald Trump and the various legal issues he is facing. Fitton expressed his concern regarding the abuse of power at the judicial level, which he claims is unprecedented in American history. This blog will delve into the key points raised by Fitton, shedding light on the current state of American politics.

The Verdict Against Donald Trump: An Abuse of Power

Tom Fitton strongly believes that the verdict against Donald Trump is an abuse of power that has never been witnessed before in American history. He argues that the actions of the judge and prosecutor in New York, both affiliated with the Democratic Party, are an attempt to seize Trump’s business, impose massive fines, and punish his family. Fitton finds this behavior troubling and disturbing, as it undermines the values of dissent and freedom of speech that America claims to uphold.

Supreme Court Decisions: The Fate of Trump’s Legal Battles

Fitton expresses doubt about the decisions that the Supreme Court will make in Trump’s legal battles. He emphasizes that the Supreme Court should not allow Trump’s name to be removed from the ballot through an unfair trial process. Fitton suggests that the Democratic Party aims to transform America into a one-party state by removing Trump from the ballot and unfairly prosecuting him. He also questions the court’s ruling on Trump’s presidential immunity in the January 6th trial, urging the court to reject the invitation to interfere in the election process.

Joe Biden’s Brother: Leveraging Family Name for Personal Gain

A damning report by Politico reveals how Joe Biden’s younger brother, James Biden, allegedly used Joe Biden’s name to benefit himself. The report outlines James Biden’s involvement with the healthcare company AmeriCorps and the allegations of Medicare fraud. Fitton highlights the significance of this scandal, not only for the Biden family but also for the institutions responsible for allowing such actions to occur. He believes that Joe Biden should be held accountable for any involvement in these illicit activities and calls for him to be put under oath.

The Chinese Influence: A Threat to American Interests

Fitton raises concerns over Joe Biden’s handling of China, arguing that he is allowing Communist China to dominate America. Fitton cites multiple issues, including the Wuhan lab leak, fentanyl imports, intellectual property theft, and the influx of Chinese nationals into the country. He also highlights the appointment of Kelly Wong, a Chinese citizen on a student visa, to the San Francisco Elections Commission. Fitton believes that such actions undermine the distinction between citizens and non-citizens and warns of potential manipulation of election outcomes through mass immigration.


The issues discussed by Tom Fitton in his interview shed light on the troubling state of American politics. The abuse of power, corruption, and the erosion of democratic values are pressing concerns that need to be addressed. By holding individuals accountable and reevaluating policies and institutions, America can strive towards a more transparent, fair, and just society.


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