Understanding the Questions Surrounding the Biden Family

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The Smirnov Mystery

One of the key questions surrounding the Biden family is how Andrii Smirnov, a trusted informant of the FBI, was able to remain on the payroll for so long. Representatives Comer, Jordan, and others, as well as Democrat Jamie Raskin, have all stated that Smirnov was considered a valuable asset by the FBI, leading to their resistance in releasing the information he provided. The fact that he ended up being indicted for lying after being kept on the payroll for an extended period raises concerns and raises questions about the handling of his case.

The Role of David Weiss

Another question that arises is why David Weiss, the special counsel in the Hunter Biden case, sat on the information from Smirnov for three years. Grassley, who initially wanted Weiss to investigate, believed that the information provided by Smirnov should be looked into. The sudden turnaround from sitting on the information to indicting him for lying in just a few months is surprising and raises further questions about the handling of the case.

The Importance of the Biden Family Interviews

The interviews with members of the Biden family, such as James Biden and Hunter Biden, are crucial in understanding the extent of their involvement in various business dealings. James Biden’s sudden rise from running nightclubs to brokering major deals with Chinese energy conglomerates raises questions about what made him so valuable in these transactions. The fact that James and Hunter Biden lack any energy experience raises further concerns about the benefits and payoffs they received in their business ventures.

Implications for U.S. Policy and National Security

The relationship between the Biden family and foreign countries raises concerns about the impact on U.S. policy and national security. The fact that these countries were working with individuals with no experience in the field, such as James and Hunter Biden, raises questions about the motivations behind these partnerships. It is essential to determine whether there was any influence on U.S. policy as a result of the Biden family’s business dealings.

Hunter Biden’s legal team has accused his father’s Department of Justice (DOJ) of withholding evidence in his gun trial, claiming that it is an attempt to prevent him from receiving a fair trial. The release of a photograph showing lines of sawdust, which his attorneys argue is not cocaine but rather evidence of kicking his drug habit, has added to the drama surrounding his case. The DOJ’s response to these accusations will be crucial in determining the validity of Hunter Biden’s claims.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why was Andrii Smirnov kept on the payroll for so long?
A: Smirnov was considered a trusted informant by the FBI, and they were initially reluctant to release the information he provided, fearing it could compromise him.
Q: Why did David Weiss sit on the information from Smirnov for three years?
A: The reasons behind Weiss’s decision to withhold the information are still unclear, but public pressure eventually led to its release and further investigation.
Q: What qualifications did James and Hunter Biden have in the energy field?
A: Neither James nor Hunter Biden had any experience or qualifications in the energy sector, raising questions about their involvement in major energy deals.
Q: How will Hunter Biden’s legal troubles impact his case?
A: The release of the photograph and the allegations of evidence withholding by the DOJ add to the drama surrounding Hunter Biden’s case, but the core issues of the trial remain unaffected.


The questions surrounding the Biden family and their business dealings continue to raise concerns about transparency, influence, and national security. The ongoing investigations and legal troubles shed light on the complexities of these issues and emphasize the need for a thorough examination of the facts. As more information is uncovered, it is crucial to remain informed and engaged in understanding the implications for our nation.

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