The Controversy Surrounding Joe Biden’s Family Business Dealings

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In recent news, President Joe Biden’s younger brother, James Biden, has come under scrutiny for his involvement in questionable business dealings. This informational blog will delve into the details surrounding these allegations and shed light on the potential implications for the Biden family.

The House Oversight Committees’ Investigation

The House Oversight Committees are preparing to question James Biden regarding quote/unquote loan repayments and business deals involving over $240,000 that he received from his brother, Joe Biden, in 2017 and 2018. Lawmakers are expected to grill James Biden on the terms of the loan, including whether interest was paid on the amount borrowed.

Potential Conflict of Interest

According to reports, James Biden was predominantly involved in business deals related to the Biden family brand. He allegedly facilitated access to the brand by selling it to Hunter Biden’s business partner and other entities for millions of dollars. The House Ways and Means Committee is eager to uncover the full extent of James Biden’s business dealings and any potential conflicts of interest.

The Influence of the Biden Family

One particularly controversial instance involves a Chinese energy company that Joe Biden claims his son was not involved with. However, Tony Bobulinski, a former business associate, provided a transcribed interview in which he detailed James Biden’s participation in negotiations with the Chinese firm. These negotiations allegedly took place while Joe Biden was still serving as Vice President, raising questions about possible influence-peddling.

Pattern of Business Dealings

This is not an isolated case. The Biden family has been accused of setting up numerous limited liability companies (LLCs) and joint ventures to facilitate their business dealings. Additionally, the $240,000 loan repayment from James Biden to President Biden was reportedly filtered through one of these accounts, further reinforcing the pattern of complex financial arrangements.

Allegations of Money Laundering and Bribery

These allegations go beyond mere business dealings. There are concerns of potential money laundering and bribery schemes involving foreign entities. The evidence suggests that Joe Biden was not only aware of these activities but may have actively enabled them. WhatsApp messages exchanged between James Biden and Chinese business associates allude to the involvement of the Biden family in protecting a Chinese energy company in exchange for financial compensation.

Hunter Biden’s Tax Charges

In a separate legal matter, Hunter Biden’s attorneys are seeking to dismiss all tax charges against him. They claim that an indicted former FBI informant tainted the case and that a special counsel should follow this lead. The informant, Alexander Smirnov, allegedly has extensive ties to Russian intelligence. It is worth noting that other whistleblowers have expressed concerns about potential retaliation from the Department of Justice, making it difficult to uncover the truth.

Implications for Joe Biden

Critics argue that Joe Biden’s repeated claims of ignorance regarding his family’s business dealings do not hold up against the evidence. WhatsApp messages and testimonies suggest that he was not only aware but also involved in these activities. If Joe Biden knew that his family was using his name and position to sell access to foreign entities, some believe he should have taken action to prevent it. The ongoing investigation aims to determine the extent of his involvement.


In conclusion, the controversy surrounding James Biden’s business dealings raises serious concerns about potential conflicts of interest and influence-peddling within the Biden family. The House Oversight Committees’ investigation, along with testimonies and evidence, will shed light on the truth behind these allegations. As the situation unfolds, it is crucial to maintain transparency and accountability in our government.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the House Oversight Committees investigating?

The House Oversight Committees are investigating loan repayments and business deals involving James Biden and the potential implications for President Joe Biden.

Q: What evidence suggests Joe Biden’s involvement in these business dealings?

WhatsApp messages, testimonies, and financial transactions indicate that Joe Biden was aware of and potentially participated in the business activities of his family members.

Q: Are there concerns of money laundering and bribery?

Yes, there are allegations of potential money laundering and bribery schemes involving foreign entities, particularly a Chinese energy company.

Q: How are whistleblowers being affected by the investigation?

Whistleblowers, especially those from the IRS, have reported retaliation and fear potential consequences for coming forward with information.

Q: What implications does this have for Joe Biden’s presidency?

The investigation aims to determine the extent of Joe Biden’s involvement in his family’s business dealings. Depending on the findings, it could have significant implications for his presidency and public trust in the government.

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